How to get & use Fuses in Dead Island 2: Cost & carry limit

How to get & use Fuses in Dead Island 2: Cost & carry limit
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25th Apr 2023 15:50

You'll want to know how to get Fuses in Dead Island 2, a very useful consumable item that lets you gain access to locked areas that house more loot to collect - so here's where you can find them. 

Dead Island 2 has brought back the franchise and escaped development hell after nearly ten years since its original announcement. For those interested in the game, you'll need to know that the best way to survive the undead is by acquiring the most powerful weapons and staying stocked up on resources and money. 

There are many ways to gain loot in the game, but one of the best methods involves Fuses. So, take a look at our explainer of the Dead Island 2 fuse locations, which covers how to get them and how they work.

Dead Island 2 Fuse location

A trade menu in Dead Island 2, showing how to get Fuses
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There's only one method of getting Fuses in Dead Island 2, as you need to purchase them from vendors that you find in safe houses

It's worth noting that Fuses cost 1500 dollars a pop in Dead Island 2, and you can only carry a total of three at a time, meaning you'll need to locate another vendor whenever you run out. 

There are a few Dead Island 2 fuse locations, as you can find vendors in Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Hollywood Boulevard, and more. 

How to get Fuses in Dead Island 2 using them
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How to use Fuses in Dead Island 2

Once you've acquired them, using the Fuses themselves is simple enough, requiring you to simply walk up to a fusebox and interact with it. Once the Fuse is placed in, the electricity will turn on and open the nearby door it's connected to. 

You can also follow the wires from a fusebox to find the door it relates to, as not all of the fuseboxes are located right next to the doors themselves.

Areas that are opened by Dead Island 2 Fuses contain random crafting resources, and containers called a Zomproof Slayer Hoard, which have new weapons for you to collect. Some also have zombies inside that you'll need to deal with, or a hazard to get rid of. 

That's all for our explainer of how to get Fuses in Dead Island 2, along with how you use them to open locked doors and collect loot. 

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