Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies

Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies

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Tom Chapman


8th Dec 2020 17:35

While the wait for CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 seems likes it's been more like Blade Crawler than Blade Runner, we're finally being rewarded for our patience as the open-world wonder is ready to unveil itself to the world.

With the neon-splashed Night City being the backdrop of Cyberpunk 2077, each of its six unique districts is offering something new. When you aren't driving around in futuristic vehicles or ducking inside seedy cyber strip bars for a little "light" entertainment, there's an ambitious main story that's sure to take up a chunk of your time.

As with any modern game, it's not as simple as polishing off the campaign and sticking it back in the cupboard for a rainy day. Just like other recent releases including Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, there's an impressive trophy list you'll also need to tick off if you want to get that elusive platinum.

Now that players have dived deep into Night City and left no cyber stone unturned, here's a list of the Cyberpunk 2077 trophies. So far, there's a total of 45 trophies, split into 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 17 Silver, and 26 Bronze.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies
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Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies Platinum

Never Fade Away: Unlock all Trophies


Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies Gold

The World: Complete the main storyline


Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies Silver

The Devil: Help Takemura avenge the death of Saburo Arasaka.

The Star: Leave Night City with the Aldecaldos.

The Sun: Become a legend of the Afterlife.

Temperance: Let Johnny Silverhand keep your body.

Breathtaking: Collect all items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand.

It’s Elementary: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Watson.

Greetings from Pacifica!: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Pacifica.

The Wasteland: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in the Badlands.

Little Tokyo: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Westbrook.

Mean Streets: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Heywood.

The Jungle: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Santo Domingo.

City Lights: Complete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in City Center.

Autojock: Buy all vehicles available for purchase.

True Soldier: Kill or incapacitate 300 enemies using ranged weapons.

True Warrior: Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies using melee weapons.

The Wandering Fool: Find all tarot graffiti for the job Fool on the Hill.

Legend of the Afterlife: Reach max Street Cred.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies
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Cyberpunk 2077 Trophies Bronze

The Fool: Become a mercenary.

The Lovers: Steal the Relic.

The Hermit: Find Alt Cunningham.

The Wheel of Fortune: Interrogate Anders Hellman.

The High Priestess: Talk with Hanako Arasaka.

The World: Complete the main storyline.

To Protect and Serve: Complete River Ward’s storyline.

To Bad Decisions!: Complete Kerry Eurodyne’s storyline.

Judy vs Night City: Complete Judy Alvarez’s storyline.

Life of the Road: Complete Panam Palmer’s storyline.

Bushido and Chill: Watch Bushido X with Rogue.

I Am The Law: Complete all Cyberpsycho Sightings.

Full Body Conversion: Install at least one implant in each system and body part.

Gun Fu: Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies in quick succession with a revolver or pistol in close combat.

Christmas Tree Attack: Complete a Breach Protocol with a minimum of 3 daemons uploaded.

Ten out of Ten: Reach the max level in any skill.

Gunslinger: Shoot an enemy grenade in midair with a revolver.

Two Heads, One Bullet: Kill or incapacitate 2 enemies with the same sniper rifle shot.

Rough Landing: While Berserk cyberware is active, perform a Superhero Landing to kill or incapacitate 2 enemies.

Stanislavski’s Method: Use a dialogue option related to V’s life path 10 times.

Master Crafter: Craft 3 Legendary items.

Daemon In The Shell: Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies with one “Detonate Grenade” quickhack.

The Quick and the Dead: Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies while time is slowed.

Must Be Rats: Perform the Distract Enemies quickhack 30 times without drawing attention to yourself.

V for Vendetta: After reviving yourself with Second Heart, kill or incapacitate the enemy who killed you within 5 seconds.

Right Back At Ya: Kill or incapacitate an enemy who threw a grenade at you.

Frequent Flyer: Find all fast travel dataterms.

It's interesting to note this isn't just some generic list of unlockable trophies. There are a fair few spoilers in the trophy list, as well as some clever nods to pop culture. Alongside a direct reference to movies like V for Vendetta and The Quick and the Dead, "Daemon in the Shell" is almost certainly a tie to the Cyberpunk-esque Ghost in the Shell.

Finally, the fact Keanu Reeves is playing Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 means it's surely no coincidence one trophy is called "Gun Fu" - the style of fighting Reeves' fictional John Wick is known for. 

So, when you think you're done with Cyberpunk 2077, stick on your cybernetic arm and jump back in your vehicle to track down the trophies. All there's left to say is, happy hunting, hackers.


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Images via CD Projekt Red

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