Best Strand Fragments to unlock first in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Thread of Ascent, Binding, Continuity & more

Best Strand Fragments to unlock first in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Thread of Ascent, Binding, Continuity & more
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Dave McAdam


7th Mar 2023 12:25

The best Strand Fragments are the ones that complete your character build, and the right choice is different for every build. Destiny 2 brings us a new subclass and suite of powers with Strand, while also giving us a new list of Fragments to unlock.

Strand Fragments require Strand Meditations to unlock, a resource you do not want to squander lightly. In the hope of preventing some buyer's remorse, here are the best Strand Fragments to unlock first in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: Full Fragment list

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: The Fragment section of the Strand menu
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First, let's give you the full list so you can easily see what each one does and refer to it as needed. The full list of Strand Fragments is as follows:

  • Thread of Ascent: Activating your grenade ability reloads your equipped weapon and grants bonus airborne effectiveness and handling for a short duration.
  • Thread of Binding: Super final blows emit a suspending burst from the target.
  • Thread of Continuity: Suspend, Unravel and sever effects applied to targets have increased duration.
  • Thread of Evolution: Threadlings travel farther and deal additional damage.
  • Thread of Finality: Finisher final blows create Threadlings.
  • Thread of Fury: Damaging targets with a Tangle grants melee energy.
  • Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade energy.
  • Thread of Isolation: Landing rapid precision hits emits a severing burst from the target.
  • Thread of Mind: Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.
  • Thread of Propagation: Powered melee final blows grant your Stand weapons Unraveling Rounds.
  • Thread of Rebirth: Strand weapon final blows have a chance to create a Threadling.
  • Thread of Transmutation: While you have Woven Mail, weapon final blows create a Tangle.
  • Thread of Warding: Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail.
  • Thread of Wisdom: Defeating suspended targets with precision hits creates an Orb of Power.

  • An excellent option for a weapon to pair with any of these builds is the Destiny 2 Synchronic Roulette.

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: Best Fragments for Hunter

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: a Strand Hunter using their super
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Many Fragments are best utilized in specific builds, but some are just great in general for specific classes. For example, Hunters with high mobility are likely to want to use the new grapple mechanic, and Fragments that complement it.

These would include Thread of Ascent for the instant reloads and extra airborne effectiveness, and Thread of Generation to get your grapple back quickly. If you have the new Hunter exotic helmet Cyrtarachne's Facade, which grants Woven Mail when you use your grapple, you should pair it with Thread of Transmutation, which has kills while using Woven Mail to create Tangles.

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: Best Fragments for Titan

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: A Titan using their super
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Strand Titans hit hard, contrary to what some believed would be the case. Berserkers can use a combination of Tangles, Suspend, and Woven Mail to absolutely dominate the battlefield. Much like the Hunters, Titans can make great use of Thread of Generation and Thread of Transmutation, alongside grapples, high strength stats, and their devastating melee abilities to punch enemies into oblivion. Pair all of this with Heart of Inmost Light to do all of that, but do it even stronger.

For a more specific but very powerful build, get the new Titan exotic, the Abeyant Leap leg armour. Use that alongside Thread of Mind, Thread of Continuity, Thread of Fury, Thread of Generation and shackle grenades. All of these things together are going to ensure you are consistently Suspending multiple enemies, creating Tangles and giving yourself Woven Mail.

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: Best Fragments for Warlock

Destiny 2 Strand Fragments: A Warlock using their Strand super
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Warlocks can go absolutely buck wild with Strand, using practically infinite grenade energy to consistently Suspend every enemy you encounter. The aspect Mindspun Invocation allows Warlocks to consume their shackle grenades to gain a buff, which creates suspending detonations when an enemy is defeated.

This works really well with a weapon that deals damage to a lot of enemies at once, ideally the Osteo Striga with its poison spread. Couple these things with Thread of Mind to receive class ability energy from suspended kills, Thread of Wisdom to create Orbs of Power from Suspended precision kills, Thread of Continuity to extend suspend effects, and absolutely use Thread of Generation.

Generation grants grenade energy from dealing damage, something you will be constantly doing while Suspending every enemy. This creates a never-ending cycle of damage, Suspend, and decimating large groups of enemies.

Those are some great ways to get started with Destiny 2 Lightfall Strand Fragments. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Strand Tangles explainer.

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