Best Rocket League Settings: Controller And Camera

Best Rocket League Settings: Controller And Camera
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Jack Marsh


9th Aug 2022 09:34

It can be quite a rough ride getting used to Rocket League. The complex game has many skill ceilings for players to break through. From getting to grips with the car handling, learning your first aerial, or connecting your first flip reset, there are always new things to learn and master, all of which require the best Rocket League settings. So, here's everything you need to know about the best Rocket League settings for controllers and cameras. 

Best Rocket League Settings: Controller Deadzones

Kicking things off, if you're going to get comfortable with Rocket League, you'll want to optimise the best controller settings. This will allow you to have the ideal movement sensitivity and deadzones to make your Rocket League gameplay as smooth as possible.  

Setting Deadzone Shape Deadzone Dodge Deadzone Aerial Sensitivity Steering Sensitivity
Maximum Cross 0.10 0.70 2.00 2.00
Minimum Cross 0.05 0.50 1.30 1.30

Your aerial and steering sensitivity will tend to match, to ensure that you can be as equally accurate on the ground as you are in the air.

Rocket League Settings: Button Layout 

When it comes to the best Rocket League button layout settings, the main thing you're likely to be changing is the air roll defaults, and then the subsequent domino effect. 


Boost Jump Brake / Reverse Powerslide

Ball Cam

Throttle Air Roll Right/Left
Playstation Circle X L2 L1 or R1 Triangle R2 R1 / L1
Xbox B A LT LB or RB X RT RB / LB
Mouse and Keyboard Left Mouse Button Right Mouse Button S Left Shift Space W Thumb Mouse 1 / Thumb Mouse 2

While many players like to simply use LB for Air Roll Left and RB for Air Roll Right, others may opt to use X (Xbox), Square (PS), or Left Shift (Mouse and Keyboard) to activate their preferred direction, or have air roll locked until X, Square, or Left Shift is pressed before using their respective bumpers to directionally roll. 


Best Rocket League Settings: Camera

For a full breakdown of the best Rocket League camera settings, check out our full guide.

The best Rocket League settings for your camera are quite a bit more relaxed, and it's not uncommon for players to completely change these if they find a method of madness that works for them, even at the highest level.

Here you'll find the best recommend camera settings used by RLCS professionals. 

Setting Height FOV Distance Camera Shake Stiffness Swivel Speed Transition Speed Camera
Maximum 110 110 260 Off 0.6 5.5 1.3 Toggle
Minimum 90 107 280 Off 0.4 4.7 1 Toggle

The majority of RLCS professionals run these best Rocket League settings, with the likes of Height, FOV, and Distance being the main contributing factors to improving your mechanics such as dribbling and aerials.

As with all settings, there is much room for experimenting to find a winning formula. Many Rocket League pros have risen to the top of the game with wild settings that differ from the norm. However, this list of the best Rocket League settings will serve as the perfect starting point to help begin your journey through the ranks.

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