Best Rocket League training codes for beginners (Season 12)

Best Rocket League training codes for beginners (Season 12)
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7th Sep 2023 17:11


Rocket League training codes are a great way for new players to learn the mechanics, and for experienced players to practice. Rocket League is a competitive game, with players all over the world striving the be the best.

Training codes allow you to take on in-game challenges that will test your shooting, aerial, and goalkeeping skills. Here are the best Rocket League training codes for beginners as of Season 12.

Best Rocket League Training codes: Warm Ups

A Rocket League car dribbling the ball
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If you've had enough of losing your first two ranked games of the day while you're warming up, completing a basic mechanics training pack instead will save your MMR significantly.


A simple four-shot pack might be all you need for your warm-up, as the "Basic Mechanics Training" works on getting your fundamentals right before heading into real games. Each of the four shots focuses on one in-game feature that you will often use, including a fast aerial, half-flip, speed flip, and dribbling. Great for learning these mechanics too and implementing them into situations.

Code: 20DF-6522-E79F-D098


Hinata's "The Ultimate Warm Up" is a great way to get your juices flowing without sitting in free play. It features 50 different shots, ranging in style, including dribbles, wall shots, redirects, and double touches.

Code: FA24-B2B7-2E8E-193B

Best Rocket League Training codes: Goalkeeper

A Rocket League car in mid-air
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Training your defence is one of the best ways to warm up, as it often makes you think about much more than just hitting the ball in a single direction like shooting practice. For the best Rocket League training codes, you will be best finding some relatively hard goalie packs to progress through and get used to being in awkward positions.


OrangePie's "[Why You Suck] Shadow Defense" pack does what it says on the tin. If you don't want to suck anymore then get to grips with this 20-shot goalie pack. Most of these shots will be relatively simple saves that go over your head, but it also makes room for you to get used to making effective clears, rather than just hitting the ball. It's a good way to warm up those mechanics while flying backward.

Code: 5CCE-FB29-7B05-A0B1


Being a goalie isn't all about getting to the ball as quickly as possible, and at the higher ranks "shadow defence" becomes imperative. So, the "Uncomfortable Saves" pack is brilliant for getting your car in the right position before tipping the ball onto the backboard. Try and make sure your saves are going far enough away from the goal so that an imaginary player couldn't score a rebound. 

Code: 5CB2-6D82-1B54-47B7

Best Rocket League Training codes: Aerial

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Once you've advanced from the standard aerial packages with still balls, the only way to get better is by practising scenarios. By all means, please revisit the standard all-star packages which help with car control, but it's always good to get a moving ball rolling - or flying in this sense. So, here are the best Rocket League training codes for aerial control.


Kevpert's "Aerial Car Control" might not be something you expect to see on the 'lower skill' side of things, given that it can also be used by the higher-end ranked players too, but this is because the pack is tailored towards all players.

The beauty of this pack is that throughout the 18 shots, you can make it as hard or as difficult as you want. You can simply fly towards to ball and send it goal-bound, or attempt to catch it and dribble to the goal where creativity can erupt. A great basic pack for everyone to practice all types of aerials, even the most basic.

Code: A3E1-92C2-8757-4195


Players in SSL or GC will likely use Free Play to hone their aerial skills, but one training pack that we'd recommend is the "Double Tap Playground". You might think that this sounds tedious, however, it's much more than simply hitting the ball in the net off the backboard.

This pack teaches you how to read the bounce of the walls, which will help you unequivocally in all aspects of Rocket League, and then you'll also be perfecting your air rolls and directional aerials to find the net. If you want to make it particularly challenging, try scoring all of your goals without the ball bouncing.

Code: CAFC-FB3E-3C0F-B8F1

Best Rocket League Training codes: Shooting

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You can't score goals without shooting, and if you want to progress through your ranks, finding the back of the net is imperative. This needs no more introduction than that, so here are your best Rocket League training codes for shooting packs. 


Starting out, the "Beginner Striker" training pack is everything you need. It contains a range of simple shots, which get progressively faster and more angled, which will help you position your car effectively and get used to which parts of your car generate the most power. You can either focus on making an accurate connection or opt to get really savvy and aim for specific areas of the goal, something that will help out-wit Ranked goalies.

Code: EC70-54C0-9928-E6BC


There's a devilish side to the "Shots You Shouldn't Miss" pack, as you will miss the shots, a lot. You can fly through this pack if you want, with only ten shots in total before switching to aerials again, but mastering these shots will be great for your in-game reactions. The shots require no-bounce finishes which will result in you gaining a lot of accuracy and power in your shooting, and they only have a short set-up time which is replicable of in-game situations.

That is it for our Rocket League training codes guide. For more, head to our Rocket League homepage for more guides, like when is Rocket League swapping to Unreal Engine 5 and the best Rocket League settings.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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