Best Rocket League Camera Settings: Height, Distance, FOV, And More

Best Rocket League Camera Settings: Height, Distance, FOV, And More
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4th Apr 2022 12:25

Utilizing the best Rocket League camera settings can give you an edge over your opponent and despite its simplistic nature, Rocket League is actually much more convoluted, as it possesses a limitless skill ceiling. With more and more flicks and tricks finding their home in Champions Fields and some long-standing skills becoming second nature to players, having the best Rocket League camera settings increases your effectiveness tenfold, with the starting camera needing to change significantly.

So, if you fancy furthering your soccar experiences, here are the best Rocket League camera settings that will have you playing like the pros.

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Best Rocket League Camera Settings: FOV

With a range of possible playstyles, offering up the best Rocket League camera settings is not an exact season but there are a few good guidelines, and learnings from pros, that will improve your performance and give you the basis for learning even more.

First up, you'll get the most success by maximising your Field of View, allowing you to be able to have a good pan of the whole pitch. Not only does a wider FOV give you a solid edge in keeping control of your car during ariels and dribbling, but it also helps in locating teammates and opponents to contribute to passing plays and clever defensive rotations. 

Best rocket league camera settings height distance fov
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The best Rocket League FOV settings range between 105 and 110, with the majority of players opting for the max of 110. Here are some of the top pros settings:

  • John "Evample" H: 107 FOV
  • Daniel "Daniel" Piecenski: 109 FOV
  • Justin "jstn." Morales: 110 FOV

Best Rocket League Camera Settings: Height

Much like the FOV settings, there's not too much wiggle room here if you want to have a very successful camera angle. Here, the height of the camera typically affects aerial ability, especially when using the walls and air rolls, ensuring that your camera isn't being blocked by your car whilst also giving you a good overall view of the pitch in front and complimenting the third-person nature of Rocket League.

The best Rocket League height settings range between 90 and 110, with many pros and high-level players being evenly split between this range, depending on comfortability. The following pros rock these height settings:

  • Austin "AYYJAYY" Aebi: 90 Height 
  • Jack "ApparentlyJack" Benton: 100 Height
  • Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant: 110 Height

Best Rocket League Camera Settings: Distance

When it comes to distance, this determines how far away your camera is from your car, and often comes down to preference. Having a comfortable distance will help your ball control at higher ranks, especially when dribbling on the ground and in aerials. 

Most players opt for their Rocket League camera distance setting to be between 250 and 280, with 270 being the most popular setting used by RLCS pros and content creators. However, some more abstract players will experiment with their distance going as high as 370 and as low as 190. Here is a selection of pros distance camera settings:

  • Victor "Fairy Peak!" Locquet: 260 Distance
  • Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson: 270 Distance
  • Dillon "Rizzo" Rizzo: 280 Distance

Other Rocket League Camera Settings

When it comes to the other Rocket League camera settings, there is scope for experimentation, although they generally don't take much away from the in-game experience. 

Camera Shake and Ball Camera options are a no-brainer, with all players at high ranks having these options turned to off and toggle respectively. As for Stiffness, Swivel Speed, and Transition Speed, these generally only affect how quick your camera switches between ball and field camera, and how quickly it snaps on the ball. Most pros have these set to similar ranges, although it depends on how comfortable you are using both camera settings; double touch demons may prefer a quicker speed, whilst those who like to dribble may prefer it slightly slower.

Here are the best Rocket League camera settings for these less consequential settings:

  • Camera Shake: Off
  • Stiffness: 0.4 - 0.6
  • Swivel Speed: 4.7 - 5.5 
  • Transition Speed: 1 - 1.3
  • Ball Camera: Toggle

You can change all of the best Rocket League camera settings in the in-game settings menus with ease, and they can all be practised in free play until your find the winning remedy for your specific playstyle.

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