Best motherboard for gaming in 2023

Best motherboard for gaming in 2023
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If you're building a brand-new PC, you may be looking for the best motherboard for gaming. As much as we tend to think otherwise, it's hard to say there is a more important piece of hardware in a gaming PC than the motherboard. It is literally the biggest internal component, to which all other parts are connected.

For many reasons, having the right motherboard is one of the most crucial parts of a PC build - so here are our choices for the best motherboards for gaming in 2023.

How we picked the best gaming motherboards

the best gaming motherboards
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Motherboards essentially tie your build together, with all the main components such as your GPU and CPU, along with parts like RAM, NVMe storage, and fans all being wired in or attached to it.

As such a core part of a PC, your motherboard is important, so when looking at the best options, we considered the main features, compatibility, slots for hardware, and pricing.

Best gaming motherboard on a budget

MSI B760 Gaming Plus

the MSI B760 Gaming Plus, one of the best gaming motherboards
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Getting the right motherboard for your build does not necessarily mean throwing money away on the most expensive options. When it comes to motherboards, you can save a lot of money by getting one that suits a more reserved PC build.

This isn't to say you will be missing out on gaming power, quite the contrary. Rather, it is important to get an appropriate motherboard, not one with many bells and whistles that you will never use.

For just under $160, the MSI B760 can run modern GPUs with its PCI-Express x16 slot and Intel CPUs with the LGA 1700 socket, and also features DDR5 RAM slots and a USB 3.2 type-C port for up to 10Gbps of data transfer.

With the low cost and other features like DDR5 and M.2 SSD support, it's a great entry-level motherboard.

Best mid-range gaming motherboards


MSI PRO Z790 motherboard
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Image via MSI

For excellent performance without breaking the bank, the MSI PRO Z790 is an excellent choice. The main thing you need your motherboard to do is to facilitate everything else you want to run, and this board has plenty of features that will keep you up to date for the next few years.

The LGA 1700 socket will support Intel CPUs up to generation 13, and the DDR5 RAM slots will give you ultrafast memory performance. It even comes with the new fifth generation of PCI Express which can improve your graphics card speeds, but will give even better performance when used with an SSD.

All of this for just over $200 on sale is quite a bargain. For right now, this motherboard is great. Going forward, it will continue to be useful and relevant, making this a great choice as your base for future upgrades.

Best high-end gaming motherboard

ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

the SUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero, one of the best gaming motherboards
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Okay, so you have a bunch of money and you want to rub it in everyone's face. What you want is the ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus Z790 Hero. This enthusiast board has all the bells and whistles one could imagine. It has all the promising features of the Gigabyte Z790, but it goes even further with premium options.

This motherboard not only has a 2.5Gb network port but also comes with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi. WiFi 6e, to be precise- the fastest WiFi signal currently available. There are 5 M.2 ports on this motherboard and 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports.

The top specs don't come without a top price, as the Maximus Z790 will set you back an eye-watering $625. This option truly is only for those who want the absolute best, and no compromises.

Best AMD gaming motherboard

ASUS TUF B650 Plus

the ASUS TUF B650 Plus
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For the AMD faithful, ASUS have an excellent motherboard for you too. The ASUS TUF B650 is a great mix of features and value. It doesn't feature everything you might expect from a high-end board, but it also doesn't cost as much.

This board has DDR5 memory, and many of its other features are forward-thinking, with high-speed networking, VRM cooling, 3 M.2 slots, and a slew of USB ports.

This motherboard is compatible with modern AMD CPUs and GPUs, making it a great core for an AMD-centric PC build, but does lack PCIe 5.0 GPU support, sadly.

Best Micro-ATX motherboard

MSI MAG B660M Bazooka

the MSI MAG B550M Bazooka, one of the best gaming motherboards
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If your guiding principle in building a PC is not power or cost, but size, this is where you need to be looking. Micro-ATX motherboards pack the features of their bigger siblings down into a smaller form factor, which can then become the centre of a compact PC.

This does not happen without some sacrifices, however. The MSI MAG B660M Bazooka uses the fourth generation of both DDR memory and PCIe. Neither is outdated but certainly not where the industry standards are headed.

It also only supports third-generation AMD Ryzen processors, but if you are aiming for a more budget build, this shouldn't be an issue.

However, what it does do is provide an excellent base for modern gaming hardware, with 2 M.2 slots for high-speed storage, and built-in WiFi. That integrated WiFi could be particularly handy for a compact build, useful if you like to move your machine around.

All of this potential is in a tiny package, and it can be yours for less than $120. There are certainly more cost-effective options in other sizes, but for this specific form factor, you are getting a lot for your money.

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