Best Battlefield 2042 Portal Modes

Best Battlefield 2042 Portal Modes
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19th Nov 2021 14:02

The best Battlefield Portal modes are hard to sift out as custom lobbies are filled with XP farms. But let's say you want to have a bit of fun with Battlefield 2042, which are the best modes you should be checking. Well we've dug into the servers to find the best Battlefield Portal modes, so you can get a glimpse of what is possible in 2042

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Best Battlefield Portal Modes: Gun Game

A soldiers holds a pistol.
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Gun Game is a classic Call of Duty mode so of course as soon as players could get their hands on a level editor, it quickly made its way into the best Battlefield Portal modes. The great thing is that players are delivering some of their own twists on Gun Game, whether that be each team using different time period weaponry, or each kill teleporting you to your victim's spot. There is quite a lot of variety in how Gun Game is being tackled, but it is all fun. 

Best Battlefield Portal Modes: Zombie Apocalypse Mode

A horde of soldiers run through a jungle.
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This easily stands atop the best Battlefield Portal modes due its sheer level of carnage. Zombie Apocalypse Mode will pit a team of twenty-odd players with full gear against 100 "zombie" soldiers who run faster but are only equipped with knives. The mode takes the standard Rush format, where the zombies push through and capture sectors. There are some balancing issues on the side of the defending soldiers, but watching 100 soldiers fly towards you with knives while you pray your magazine will last is a blast. 

Best Battlefield Portal Modes: Hardcore Conquest

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For those hardcore players this best Battlefield Portal mode is the ultimate military simulator experience. Having a quick search for "Hardcore"  will show a wide variety of version of Hardcore Conquest, whether those be on Battlfield 3, 2042, 1942 or Bad Company 2 maps and weapons. Regardless, with friendly fire on, a low time to kill (TTK), and no mini-map, Battlefield is transformed into a far more visceral experience, made all the better with a fully communicating squad. 

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Best Battlefield Portal Modes: Red Light, Green Light

A soldier holding a knife looks over a dead body.
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Annoyingly this best Battlefield Portal mode is struggling to show up on the search at the time of writing, but this Squid Game inspired mode is going to be a certified hit. Taking on the "Red, Light, Green Light" children's game, players are equipped with a knife and must try and take each other out when green light is activated. However, when red light is activated players aren't allowed to move from their spot or they will instantly die. Instead they will be given a sniper rifle, and take out any opponent within your sight. This mode was created by TwoAngryGamersTV. Hopefully it should be more readily available soon. 

Best Battlefield Portal Modes: Custom Free-For-All

A soldier fires a rocket launcher.
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This final best Battlefield Portal mode is really an umbrella term as it's really where you'll find a lot of the fun. Free-For-All matches are never just your basic free-for-all, with custom modifiers of all types. From modes where you have to jump to reload your rocket only loadout to Snipers only. Diving into the dynamic free-for-all modes can be an absolute blast, and help you come to grips with what Battlefield Portal can really do. 

Those are out top five picks for the best Battlefield Portal modes. Why not check out the Battlefield 2042 specialists you can bring into some Portal modes. 


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