Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Eysa Boss Fight: How To Beat Eysa

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Eysa Boss Fight: How To Beat Eysa
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11th Mar 2022 14:08

Figuring out how to beat Eysa in Dawn of Ragnarok is one of the first big challenges of the new DLC. Assassin's Creed hasn't been all too well known for its boss battles, but thanks to Valhalla and this latest expansion, it is hoping to change that. The first of this DLC that you'll come up against is Eysa, daughter of Surtr, who comes with a few tricks up her sleeve. We've got some tips which explain how to beat Eysa in Dawn of Ragnarok. 

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How To Beat Eysa In Dawn Of Ragnarok: Keep On The Move

How To Beat Eysa in Dawn of Ragnarok: Lava mortars
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The first section of the Eysa boss fight in Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarok, is relatively easy. Just keep on the move, dodging Eysa attacks, and moving in for quick strikes. The most dangerous attack of Eysa's is her mortars. You must keep rotating around Eysa to avoid fiery damage, and move in for a few heavy attacks once, as she briefly stands undefended once her attack is complete. 

Keep in mind that you should also be using your ability attacks as they can provide substantial chunks of damage in one go. Boosters can be found in the surrounding area if your ability metres aren't full. 

How To Beat Eysa In Dawn Of Ragnarok: Don't Let Her Heal

How To Beat Eysa in Dawn of Ragnarok: Aim for thr weak spot
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The most difficult aspect of the Eysa boss fight in Dawn of Ragnarok is that she can heal herself when on lava. Each time Eysa goes out onto the lava to heal she will spawn in four enemies for you to defeat, and while it can be tempting to go for them first, what you really want to do is take out your bow. Just shooting Eysa anywhere won't really do much, so you want to aim for the glowing weak spots, which are located either on the knee or shoulder This will interrupt her healing process. 

As soon as you do that try and take out the two weaker enemies on the left, as it will become increasingly difficult to avoid attacks with five enemies coming after you. For the most part the attack pattern from Eysa remains the same, however at times, she will don a more defensive stance, so be wary of attacking head on as she is quick to deal out damage. 

Once you bring her health down another third she will attempt to heal herself once more. Shoot the remaining weak spot. Try and go as hard on the offensive as you can, as if Eysa enters her healing process again, you won't have a weak spot to interrupt it this time. A new fireball attack is introduced in this last fast, so don't panic and just find the right moment to dodge. To reiterate, with additional enemies your ability metre will fill so ensure you are using your ability attacks to deplete Eysa's health even faster. 

Repeat this process and you will eventually beat Eysa in Dawn of Ragnarok. Want to come prepared with better armour? Head on over to our guide on the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Hreidmar amour location. 


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