Apex Legends Legendary Loot Guide

Apex Legends Legendary Loot Guide

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22nd Aug 2020 18:00

Apex Legends was developed from the ground up with team play in mind. Its mission from the beginning was to be a team-focused “Hero” Battle Royale. The Legends were systematically balanced around this fact. There’s a reason that we still don’t have a Solos Mode over a year later. The developers had a vision, and they’ve stuck with it.

The Gold gear found throughout the game is no different. Each piece of Gold gear has a different perk attached to it. Some of these perks mesh perfectly with certain Legends, while other Legends may find a perk completely useless. The best teams will reserve the different pieces of Gold gear for the Legend that derives the biggest advantage from it.

In this article, we’ll talk about which specific Legends deserve which pieces of Gold gear, including why and how to make the best use of it.

Apex Legends Legendary Loot Guide
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Gold Helmet

Along with providing the maximum headshot damage reduction, the Gold Helmet enchants the user with the Fast Charge perk. Fast Charge reduces Tactical and Ultimate recharge time by 20%.

While most Legends can make use of this perk, it's best used on Legends with encounter-altering Tacticals and Ultimates. Pathfinder, for example, can change the entire course of a fight with his Grappling Hook and reposition his squad with the Zipline Gun. Being able to Grappling Hook seven seconds faster each use is crucial to a Pathfinder. Pathfinders are constantly using their hooks, and it should almost always be on cooldown.

Other Legends that greatly benefit from the Gold Helmet include Wraith and Bloodhound. Wraith's Into the Void ability is one of the most potent Tacticals in the game. It can be used to completely negate damage and escape from an otherwise deadly situation. Also, it is excellent for flanking and opening on fights. Wraith's Ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, is almost required at high levels of play. Her portal has so many unique and niche uses and must be ready for use in crowded end-games. 

With the Gold Helmet, Bloodhound can cast Eye of the Allfather every 20 seconds. This allows the user to continually scan the environment for enemies. Information is of the utmost importance in a game like Apex Legends and giving Bloodhound the Gold Helmet only enhances that. Their Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, was buffed even further in the Season 6 update. With the Gold Helmet, Bloodhound users will be able to use this powerful Ultimate more often. The gold Helmet turns Bloodhound into a tracking, hunting, and killing machine.

Compare the above to a Legend like Octane. Octane's Tactical is his Stim that works on a two-second cooldown. The Gold Helmet offers literally zero bonuses here. It doesn't get much better with his Ultimate. His Launch Pad recently received a buff, but it still has a short cooldown and isn't too game-changing.

Wattson is another Legend that should hand over the Gold Helmet to her teammates. Wattson is a great Legend, but she doesn't really need help when it comes to her cooldowns. Her electric fences recharge every 30 seconds and stack to four at a time. These can also be picked up and moved around. Rarely will she be looking for a shorter cooldown on these. Wattson's passive boosts Ultimate Accelerants so that they fully charge her Ultimate ability. Wattson can simply use one of these if she needs her Ult, rather than hog the Gold Helmet from a more appropriate host.

Apex Legends Legendary Loot Guide
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Gold Body Shield

The Gold Body Shield has gone through many iterations since Apex Legends inception. As of Season 6, Gold Body Shield absorbs 75 damage, tied with Purple Body Shield and just short of the Red Evo Shield in protection. However, what makes the Gold Body Shield stand out is its Improved Minor Heal perk. This perk enhances Syringes and Shield Cells for the user. Both heal for 50 instead of the standard 25.

Overall, there is not one particular Legend that truly benefits the most out of the Gold Body Shield. The ideal user depends on a few variables. 

First off, the player with the most Shield Cells and Syringes should carry the Gold Body Shield. Organised teams should load their Gold Body Shielded teammate up with these healing items. In return, the player with the Gold Body Shield should offer up their Shield Batteries, Med Kits and Phoenix Kits to their teammates. The Gold Body Shielded player should focus on using only Cells and Syringes.

Whoever on the team tends to take the most damage should claim the Gold Body Shield. For example, say you have an aggressive Wraith, Loba, or Revenant on your team. This player is always opening on fights and dipping in and out. Give this player the Gold Body Shield. This will allow them to heal more efficiently and get back in the fight quicker. 

Passive players should opt to pass the Gold Body Shield to their teammates. A Wattson or Caustic that often sits back in their defences and traps has far less use for the Improved Minor Heal perk.

Apex Legends Legendary Loot Guide
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Gold Knockdown Shield

The Gold Knockdown Shield gives users a second lease on life. Its perk, Resurrection, allows the user to self-resurrect one time.

This item should be relegated to the squadmate best suited for resetting and bringing their team back into the match. For example, A Lifeline that successfully pulls off a self-rez can instantly throw out her D.O.C. to revive a teammate. At the same time, she can manually rez the other teammate. The precious seconds saved her could be the difference between life and death. Also, in the case of enemies in the vicinity, the Combat Revive offered by D.O.C. gives Lifeline a real chance to fight back.

Gibraltar is another great choice. Gibraltar has the ability to throw out a Dome of Protection. This offers all kinds of benefits. Here, he can revive his remaining squadmates faster, and everyone inside can heal at a 15% increased rate. Plus, the dome offers protection from anyone that might catch onto the recently revitalised team.

Mirage has the obvious benefit of going invisible after being downed. With a Gold Knockdown Shield, Mirage can come right back to life under cover of invisibility. This item, paired with Mirage’s Passive gives him a real shot at pulling off the self-rez, something other Legends will struggle to do without getting thirsted.

Crypto is one of the Legends that can low-key change the tide of the match with the Gold Knockdown Shield. As of season 6, Crypto can revive teammates remotely with his Drone. Now picture this scenario; your squad gets in a fight while rotating and is left to die in the circle by another squad. Crypto uses the Gold Knockdown Shield to revive himself and escape. Next, Crypto flies his Drone back into the ring and grabs both squad member’s tags. From here, Crypto can fly the Drone to the nearest Respawn Beacon and bring both teammates back into the match. All of this without Crypto himself ever moving a muscle or exposing himself to a potential 1v3 fight. No other Legend can benefit from the Gold Knockdown Shield to this degree.

Apex Legends Legendary Loot Guide
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Gold Backpack

The Gold Backpack gives the user to carry a total of 16 inventory slots, but the real bonus is the Guardian Angel perk. This perk lets the user revive squadmates with 50 extra health and shield. This means a downed player will rise up with 120 active HP instead of 20.

The Gold Backpack is where Support and Defensive Legends really shine. As one would expect, the Gold Backpack is perfect for Lifeline. She can toss out D.O.C. mid-fight, and the targeted teammate will be right back in the fight with close to full HP. Lifeline with a Gold Backpack pushes toward a “broken” level of utility.

Gibraltar is another Legend that can massively benefit from the Gold Backpack. As is, Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection offers a safe haven for revives, plus, he revives squadmates a second faster inside the dome. This is made even stronger with ownership of the Gold Backpack. Gibby can quickly and safely pull his teammates back into the match with added HP.

The Gold Backpack and the Gold Knockdown Shield tend to go hand and hand. Legends best suited for one generally benefit from the other as well. It is no different with Mirage. Mirage and his teammate go invisible when reviving. With such a strong passive, Mirage is clearly ideal for the role of team medic (if you don’t have a Lifeline). The Gold Backpack allows Mirage to sneakily bring his squadmates back to life with bonus HP.

Apex Legends is a team game at its core. The entire game, from the different Legend abilities, to the lack of a Solos Mode, was thoughtfully designed with the intent of forcing teamwork. The addition of Gold gear is no different. Please familiarise yourself with what each piece of Gold gear does and the Legends best suited to equip them. Divvying out the Gold gear appropriately can be the difference between success and failure.

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