Apex Legends: The Best Drop Spots On Olympus

Apex Legends: The Best Drop Spots On Olympus

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Coleman Hamstead


14th Nov 2020 18:00

It’s been four whole seasons since Apex Legends fans have had the chance to experience a new map. Season 7 - Ascension brings us to the city in the clouds — Olympus. Olympus is a lush, futuristic city home to some of the deepest lore Apex Legends has to offer. Olympus has been teased dating back to the Broken Ghost questline in Season 5. Olympus is Lifeline, Octane, and Horizon’s hometown. Olympus is also where Revenant murdered Loba's parents.

The stunning scenery on Olympus is a stark contrast to previous maps like Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. A week into Season 7, let’s take a look at some of the best drop spots on the new map.

Apex Legends Best Drop Spots Olympus
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The Skull Town of Olympus. Depending on the type of player you are, Estates will be your favourite drop spot or #1 on your places to avoid list.

For such a small location, Estates is extremely popular. In our experience, there are always at least three teams landing here. That’s in addition to the plethora of third-parties that will be joining in on the action shortly.

However, the loot is good, and the design of Estates allows talented players to excel. There’s tons of cover in the form of buildings and trees. Estates is built in a sort of a pit. The location is surrounded by walls that provide cover from the outside. To top it off, the location has great vertically.

Together, these factors work in a skilled player’s favour. Players can dip, duck, and dodge around the many buildings and climb up and above for superior angles. Sure, there will be bunches of players about, but the design allows advanced players to isolate the enemies one by one and retreat to safety when necessary.

Finally, Estates is in a prime position for aggressive rotations. Estates neighbours Hammond Labs, Turbine, and Oasis, three other ultra-popular landing spots.

If you are looking for high kill games, Estates is your spot. Looking to take things slow, and you’ll want to opt for a different location on our list.

Apex Legends Best Drop Spots Olympus
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Research Basin

Research Basin is the small building perched above Hammond Labs. The unnamed location is actually a hidden gem.

Research Basin is home to one of the few “guaranteed” gold item loot spots on the map. We put guaranteed in quotes because the gold loot does not spawn 100 percent of the time, but nine times out of ten, at least one piece of gold loot will be there. In the centre loot bin beneath the waterfall, players will find gold body armours, gold knockdown shields, and gold weapons.

Research Basin offers an unreal vantage point of Olympus. Players can pretty much scout the entire centre of the map from here. After looting the Research Basin, players are presented with amazing rotation options. Players can rotate down into Hammond Labs or follow the side road into the Energy Depot. Our personal favourite involves dropping down and looting the inner corridor right beneath the Research Basin.

The only downside to the Research Basin is the amount of loot. Players will likely find at least one golden item, but there is not nearly enough loot for an entire team. Research Basin is more of a Duos drop than a Trios drop. On the plus side, there’s plenty of places to rotate to after grabbing the high-tier loot at the Research Basin.


Oasis is another location with guaranteed gold loot. Oasis actually has TWO spots where gold loot will appear.

Beneath the gargantuan towers, lies a hidden cafe. Both buildings have an elevator shaft leading down into the cafe. A golden item is likely to spawn on each side.

It’s not a “gold loot or bust” situation either. There’s plenty of other loot in Oasis for those that miss out on the gold items. Check out the Oasis towers if you’re a loot goblin type.

Apex Legends Best Drop Spots Olympus
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Grow Towers

The Grow Towers are a great semi-hot drop. Each tower has three floors, meaning a team of three can each have a floor for themselves. In addition, the surrounding area is loaded with loot bins and other loot-filled buildings.

Grow Towers is perfect for players looking to loot up and get into the action ASAP. After looting one tower, teams should have enough gear to pursue a fight. The towers also provide a great vantage point. Teams can scout the other towers and decide where to head next.

The tower vs tower action is intense. Sniping at opponents from a rotating tower is something we’ve never experienced before. The dynamic battles that take place at the Grow Towers are something everyone should participate in at least once.

Power Station East

Power Station East is our choice for beginners or players just looking to take their time and play for end-game. 

Despite its status as an unnamed location in the corner of the map, Power Station East is actually classified as a mid-tier loot spot. The cherry on top, there is a guaranteed Trident spawn at Power Station East. Rotating from the edge of the map has never been easier.

Power Station East has a deceiving amount of loot as well. There is easily enough loot here to gear a full team. Best of all, it should almost always be uncontested. Human nature leads most players to opt for the big-name locations near the centre of the map. This means that Power Station East is usually open for the taking. Land here to enjoy a low-key experience.

Apex Legends Best Drop Spots Olympus
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Places To Avoid


Turbine is a third-party paradise. Turbine can be accessed from openings in all four cardinal directions. It’s a popular spot to rotate and move through, so teams are always travelling through here. To make matters worse, the gunfire echoes throughout Turbine. We've personally heard fighting inside Turbine from incredibly far away. Aggressive teams tend to all merge to this location. Wave after wave of third-parties come in from all sides. It's a nightmare. 

For all the stress, Turbine is only a mid-tier loot spot. It's simply not worth the trouble.

Energy Depot

This may be controversial, but we believe Energy Depot is a landing spot to avoid. The loot is spread out, and it’s a confusing area to navigate. Similar to Turbine, Energy Depot has a plethora of entrances and exits. Every time you think a fight is over, another team is shooting you from the side. And for clumsy players, it’s surprisingly easy to fall to your death within the Energy Depot.

Plus, it's just ugly. Why land inside a dull, grey power plant when you could be out enjoying the beautiful sights of Oasis or Research Basin?

There you have it for the list of our best drop spots. Olympus is home to many great locations, but these are our favourites. Did we miss a spot? Let us know @GGReconEsports.

Images via Respawn Entertainment  | @Touiro_FPS

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