The most recent Apex Legends trailer showcased the Trident capabilities, and it's ridiculously overpowered.

15:36, 30 Oct 2020

Respawn Entertainment has showcased yet another trailer for Apex Legends Season 7, this time diving into the gameplay and the beautiful map that is Olympus.

Alongside giving us a closer look at Horizon's insane abilities, Respawn gave a huge focus on the Trident, and boy, is it set to be overpowered.

Many fans welcomed a vehicle being added Apex Legends, and with the first look at Olympus, it would seem that the Trident would be a good form of rotation, and a swift escape route for shaky shooters. With it being confirmed not to be able to run someone over and the legends on the vehicle being exposed, the Trident was considered to be a good addition to Apex Legends. Until now.

The gameplay trailer showed that alongside being able to use the Trident to quickly get from A to B, it can also be a moving turret, shield, or an interception pylon when combined with players ultimate abilities. 

Can you place items on the trident? 

The Apex Legends Season 7 Gameplay Trailer shows that legends can place their disposable items on to the trident. Within the trailer, you can see Rampart place her Sheila turret on the rear, transforming the vehicle into a destructive tank. Gibraltar can also be seen placing his dome shield on top of the car, offering support from enemies looking to take advantage of the fleeing squad.


This offers huge implications for Apex Legends, as combined with some legends' ultimates, it could be ridiculously overpowered. For instance, what's to stop Revenant placing his Death Totem on the vehicle and driving off into the sunset whilst his teammates make one final push onto the team camped in the bunkers? Or what's to stop Wattson placing her Interception Pylon on the car and driving into an airstrike, cleaning up the missiles and allowing the team to roll out unarmed?

The only question that looms now is, will it fit into Wraith's portal? 



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Image via EA 

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