Upcoming Fortnite Crossovers That Leaked Early

Upcoming Fortnite Crossovers That Leaked Early

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Coleman Hamstead


2nd Jun 2021 18:00

Fortnite is no stranger to leaks. Cosmetics, challenges, and seasonal events get leaked all the time. However, it’s usually dataminers doing the leaking.

This time though, Epic Games themselves are the culprit. The Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit had the unintended side effect of forcing Epic Games to reveal previously confidential information. The Epic Games vs Apple court documents leaked all kinds of unannounced Fortnite crossovers that are in the works.

So what kind of collaborations can we expect down the pipeline? Let’s run through all of the confirmed Fortnite crossovers and when players can expect their arrival.

Is Naruto Coming To Fortnite?

Not to toot our own horn, but we called this collab back in 2020. We’d like to think Epic Games heard our pleas, as it appears that Fortnite X Naruto has become a real possibility. After all, Naruto’s signature run already exists in the game.

Famed Fortnite dataminer, @ShiinaBR, claims that Fortnite X Naruto was scheduled for Chapter 2 - Season 5. Obviously, the original plans for this collab were either delayed or shelved. We’d like to think it’s the former, as it would be silly of Epic Games not to cash in on the anime craze. We can only hope this dream crossover finally comes true in a later season.

Is Katniss Everdeen Going To Be In Fortnite?

Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the Hunger Games series, was leaked as another prospective Fortnite crossover. With Chapter 2 - Season 6 being all about primal weapons like bows, the collab seemed perfect. Unfortunately, this crossover is still nowhere to be found. Instead, we got a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover with Aloy. With Chapter 2 - Season 6 about to wrap up, are the prospects of a Katniss collab officially crushed?

Not necessarily. As Fortnite has developed, crossover events have become a major part of the game. It seems like every week, we get a new crossover event. For such a thing to be possible, Epic Games surely have to have a bunch of potential collabs in progress at all times.

A lot goes into planning these crossover events. This includes determining the perfect time to officially release them. A new Hunger Games Prequel book just released on May 19 and a prequel movie is rumoured to be underway. Epic Games could be saving the iconic archer for just the right time.

Will LeBron James Have A Fortnite Skin?

The Epic Games vs Apple court documents revealed that a crossover with LeBron James was — or is — in the works. With the recent NBA Community Battles event topped off with the official Fortnite X National Basketball Association (NBA) crossover released last week, LeBron James may be dropping into the Fortnite island sooner rather than later.

Some readers may ask, “if LeBron James was going to collab with Fortnite, why wasn’t his skin released with the NBA crossover events that just occurred?” Well, there’s actually a reasonable explanation for this.

James is set to star in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to the classic live-action/animated sports comedy film featuring Michael Jordan and the Loony Tunes squad. Space Jam: A New Legacy is scheduled to hit theatres on July 16. Epic Games could be saving the LeBron James crossover until a later date that more coincides with the movie release. This would explain why James was not present for May’s NBA collabs.

One thing’s for certain, LeBron James and Fortnite have had serious discussions revolving around a potential collaboration.

Will Samus Aran Be In Fortnite?

Back in Season 5, we saw the Xbox, and PlayStation icons of Master Chief and Kratos join the Fortnite cast. This left some players wondering, “why wasn’t Nintendo invited to this collab party?” As it turns out, they were.

The Epic Games vs Apple court documents revealed that Samus Aran from the Metroid series was planned as a Fortnite skin. So where's the galactic bounty hunter at now?

Samus Aran may have suffered the same fate as the LeBron James collab. Perhaps Epic Games or Nintendo believe that the Samus Aran cosmetics would sell better at a later date. In particular, it’s rumoured that a new Metroid game could release sometime in 2021. This would be the ideal occasion for a Fortnite x Samus Aran crossover.

Will Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Get A Fortnite Skin?

Fortnite players have been drawing up theories for months now on the connection between The Rock and Fortnite. The Rock himself has hinted multiple times at a collab with Fortnite, including name dropping The Foundation in an Instagram post. Now that we think about it, The Rock and The Foundation do share a similar look and voice…

Could The Rock have gone undercover as the leader of The Seven?

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga Fortnite Skins

Leaks reveal that the musical duo of Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga were at one point scheduled for a Fortnite collaboration. The extent of these crossovers is unknown. The collabs could range from skins and cosmetics to an Icon Series emote or an in-game concert. 

Fortnite loves to collab with music artists. We’ve witnessed Travis Scott and Marshmello put on their own in-game concerts in the Battle Royale mode and a bunch more artists have appeared in Party Royale. Furthermore, Fortnite brings in all kinds of music stars and gives them their own dance emotes. Drake, Bruno Mars, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and many more have an in-game dance and emote.

Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for the delay in these crossovers? Epic Games, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga may have postponed their collaboration efforts until some of the craziness going on in the world dies down.

Crossovers between pop culture icons and Fortnite are one of the coolest parts of the game. Thanks to leaks from Epic Games themselves, we now know that collabs with the legendary figures above are in progress. The exact release dates are unknown but don’t be surprised if you see Naruto or LeBron James dropping out of the Battle Bus sometime soon.


Images via @D3NNI_YT  | Epic Games

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