Here's what Acorns are used for in AFK Journey & how to get them

Here's what Acorns are used for in AFK Journey & how to get them
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10th Apr 2024 17:16

If you've been playing AFK Journey, you've probably obtained a bunch of Acorns, but you might not know what they're actually used for.

Acorns are an important resource in the game, so it's worth knowing the different ways to obtain them if you want to ascend your heroes. I've detailed what they do and how to get them below!

What are Acorns used for in AFK Journey?

Acorns can ascend your heroes to new levels. Some heroes, primarily S-level heroes, need a lot of Acorns to ascend and get new abilities/more stats.

There are different types of Acorns based on each faction - Graveborn Acorns are used for Graveborn heroes, Wilder Acorns are for Wilder heroes and so on. You can also get Omni-Acorns which can be used to ascend any hero if you're missing their specific faction Acorns.

Cecia, a character who needs Acorns to ascend in AFK Journey.
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Be careful when using Acorns though - you might be better off saving your Omni-Acorns for factions you don't have as many regular Acorns for, so just make sure you're not wasting any.

Until you have an abundance of them, I'd recommend saving them for your S-level heroes so you can ascend them as they're generally stronger than A-level heroes.

How to get Acorns in AFK Journey

Here's a quick rundown of the different ways you can get Acorns in AFK Journey:

  • Noble Tavern recruitment
  • Guild Store and Recruitment Store
  • Progressing through battle modes

The main way to get Acorns is simply recruiting in the Noble Tavern. Most of the time you'll just get Acorns instead of characters, and since you'll be spending your letters to hunt for characters anyway you'll probably end up with a lot of Acorns over time.

You'll usually get just one Acorn each time, but you can get four at once or even a whopping 30 Acorns if you're really lucky.

Other than that, you can purchase Acorns from the Emporium at the Recruitment Store or the Guild Store.

Buying Acorns in the Emporium.
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You can get five Acorns for a faction for 270 Dolly Tickets. This isn't a great use of your tickets though, as you'll probably be better off spending them on Invite Letters or Soul Sigils and then saving up for the monthly reset.

You can grab some extra Acorns at the Guild Store each day too. For 180 Diamonds you'll get five acorns for a specific faction (the faction will be randomised each day). You can also get Acorns from the Guild Chest, so be sure to join a Guild if you haven't.

Then there are the battle modes, which can grant Acorns as you progress through them. You can obtain Acorns in both the Arcane Labyrinth and the Legend Trials. For example, I got two Wilder Acorns for beating the first stage of the Tower of Nature in Legend Trials.

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