Zelda TOTK could have some new cosmetics on the way

Zelda TOTK could have some new cosmetics on the way

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Jack Marsh


5th Jun 2023 11:14

One of the nicest pastimes in Tears of the Kingdom is soaring through the air with a paraglider, taking in the breathtaking landscape of Hyrule and taking just a second to step away from the story to appreciate the world that Nintendo has created.

Having learned a thing or two from Buzz Lightyear about "falling in style", Nintendo has spruced up life in the air with typically wonderful paraglider cosmetics, the best of which can be unlocked through amiibos.

But now, it seems like there are more amiibo-inspired paragliders on the way, as a new Tears of the Kingdom leak has indicated two more characters could have their own glider designs.

Princess Zelda and Ganondorf amiibos leaked for Tears of the Kingdom

TOTK: Unused paragliders based on unreleased amiibo are discovered by hackers
by u/andree1234 in GamingLeaksAndRumours

So far, there are 25 paragliders based on amiibos, with those from Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time, and Smash Bros. being carried over into TOTK too.

Despite killing off one of the most adored characters through amiibo lore, amiibo cosmetics are proving to be the most popular choice for players, mostly, allowing you to carry around a bit of your favourite character wherever you go.

However, two new amiibo IDs have been found within the game files, which show that both Princess Zelda and Ganondorf could be getting their own gliders quite soon.

The leaks suggest that IDs 1049 and 1050 will be the unused Princess Zelda Fabric and Gerudo King Fabric respectively, and fans are already itching to get hold of them.

Zelda fans are itching to get the leaked TOTK amiibo paragliders

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With the two gliders being the only unreleased fabrics based on amiibos, fans have quickly begun to get excited about the possibility of these coming to celebrate future DLCs or anniversaries. 

"I neeeeed a Ganondorf amiibo, he looks so cool in this game," said one excited fan, whilst many on YouTube continued to ramp up the hype for the Princess Zelda cloth based on her zonai outfit.

Other fans are slightly disappointed that the likes of Gleeok, undead Ganon, President Hudson, and Purah haven't yet been honoured with amiibos, but for those Ganondorf stans and Princess Zelda lovers, you might want to keep an eye out for a release in the near furture.

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