The Twitch sensation was banned from the GTA NoPixel server in front of 160,000 live fans.

12:35, 05 Apr 2021

Hugely popular streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel has been permanently banned from the Grand Theft Auto Role Play NoPixel server that plays host to a range of the largest streamers in the world. 

Lengyel, who was previously banned twice from the server, received a lifeline ban after encouraging people to "chat hop" other streamers, something that he had previously very been vocal about denouncing

The streamer, who was live in front of a whopping 160,000 fans on Twitch, lashed out in frustration after being served with a hefty 224 in-game months jail sentence from the police. After landing in jail despite pleading his innocence, xQc told his viewers to "chat hop" which violates the terms of the server.

Many streamers including "Kyle" faced harassment from xQc's fellowship who flooded into different channels. Kyle, who roleplays as a police officer, hit back at xQc's following who landed in his stream.

"You’re jumping from some guy’s stream to complain about something that nobody did, for somebody who doesn’t even know you f*****g exist," he stated.


Previous bans for xQc came into play after he broke the server's rules on recklessly killing players with his car on the first occasion, followed by using an unauthorised glitch to attack the police in the second instance. 

Now, with the attack on other players streams, xQc has been permanently banned from the server - unless the Gods choose to give him one last chance. 

xQc did take to Twitter to apologise for his actions and implore his fans to play nicely. He stated: "I did a lot of bad things yesterday and I admit my faults. Don't spread hatred on anyone. What I say isn't always true."


It's not yet clear whether Lengyel will look to try and plead with the moderators to have another chance on the server or head to stream other games. Wherever he ends up though, there's always a high chance of antics and drama that make for hilarious viewing.



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Image via xQc | Twitch | Rockstar Games

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