World of Warcraft devs promise more PvP content 'in the future' after 10.1.5 no-show

World of Warcraft devs promise more PvP content 'in the future' after 10.1.5 no-show
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13th Jul 2023 18:13

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's latest update, 10.1.5, is here, and alongside the new Megadungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, there's plenty for players to do.

One activity is missing, however, with PvP additions a little thin on the ground since the arrival of Ranked Solo Shuffle in Dragonflight. What comes next for players who continue to enjoy PvP in the latest expansion

We spoke to Morgan Day, Associate Game Director, and Stephen Cavallaro, Megadungeon lead, about the future of PvP in the current patch cycle and beyond.

What the future holds for PvP in WoW

Augmentation Evoker Talent Tree image in WoW: Dragonflight
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While there is nothing that has been added for dedicated PvP players in the latest Fractures in Time update, Day wants to assure players that it remains on the team's minds.

“PvP is definitely an area that the team loves and we're looking to continue to update in the future with other types of PvP content,” he says.

He didn't, however, elaborate on what those "other types" of PvP content outside of the prior addition of Solo Shuffle.

"That's something that we are continuing to kind of evaluate and look at the rewards that you'll receive from that," Day explains, confirming that patch 10.1.5 won't include any new Battlegrounds.

Still, we've seen a faint commitment to adversarial modes in Dragonflight Season 2, with a higher item level cap for PvP gear, removing barriers to growing more powerful through slaying other players.

While no dates or expectations were given, it's clear PvP remains a core part of Blizzard's thinking.

PvP activities have developed throughout the game's expansions, with new maps and events, as well as new currencies. Dragonflight added Bloody Tokens and Trophy of Strife which are gained during War Mode, offering new ways to reward players for their time spent in the mode.

For more on World of Warcraft, check out Day and Cavallaro's comments on the new Megadungeon, Dawn of the Infinite.

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