Wild The Last of Us Part 3 leak suggests huge changes

Wild The Last of Us Part 3 leak suggests huge changes
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3rd Jul 2023 10:29

We love a good trilogy in gaming, and whether it's Mass Effect, the Arkham games, or Dark Souls, there are some legends out there. Fans had always guessed Naughty Dog would see the potential of The Last of Us getting a trilogy, but the question is, where is The Last of Us Part 3?

First released in 2013, The Last of Us introduced us to the mushroom monsters of the Cordyceps infection and quickly earned its reputation as an ambitious twist on the zombie genre. We had to wait seven years for The Last of Us Part 2, and although it divided critics, it was another chart-topping juggernaut.

What is The Last of Us Part 3 leak?

Twitter has been flooded with plot leaks for The Last of Us Part 3. It was originally scooped by inside Daniel Richtman (paywalled), but has since done the rounds with some major moves away from the first two games.

Apparently, the focus will be a group of scavengers on the outskirts of a city - suggesting we could get a lot more Infected. Naughty Dog is reportedly looking for a diverse cast of actors to play the five main characters of Lucas, Mason, Val, Adhra, and Gracie. Does this mean we'll get to pick who we play as?

The big one is that Ellie won't be the main character this time around. The Last of Us Part 2 ended on something of a depressing note as Ellie returned to an empty home and was left alone. Still, we expect to find out at least what happened to her next. It wouldn't be The Last of Us without Ellie.

What do we know about The Last of Us Part 3?

The Last of Us Part 2 Abby and Ellie fight
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There have been plenty of rumbles about a mythical The Last of Us Part 3, with Game Director Neil Druckmann confirming there was a loose story as early as 2021. More recently, he refused to commit to the idea of a third game and said that if it can't be as good as the first two, it won't be made.

There's some exciting stuff here, but it remains to be seen if Laura Bailey will get her wish to play Abby again. Other whispers are that cameras (for mo-cap) could start rolling this year. That would put a mythical The Last of Us Part 3 release date several years out, so don't expect a surprise drop in 2024. 

While we need to take all of the above with a huge pinch of salt, it fits nicely with recent claims that work has started on The Last of Us Part 3. If we are getting another game, at least it means we should get more from HBO's live-action series. We'll take what we can when it comes to The Last of Us

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