As Overwatch celebrates Halloween, here's how you can you unlock the cute Chateau Guillard Easter egg in-game.

13:40, 23 Oct 2020

Overwatch is the latest game to celebrate this sinister season as it gives itself a Halloween makeover and has littered its map with a tonne of spooky surprises. Overwatch's Halloween Terror went live on October 13, meaning we've had plenty of time to crack open the crypt and explore its secrets.

One of the most secretive Halloween Easter eggs asks you to journey to Chateau Guillard, which has been given a fresh lick of paint and been turned into its very own Haunted Mansion.

Blizzard has become a master of the macabre with its Halloween Overwatch content and previously decked out the likes of Hollywood and Chateau Guillard with cobwebs and pumpkins galore. As well as this, the Junkenstein's Revenge limited-time mode has become a hit year after year. In 2020, we've been given a plethora of tricks and treats, with a particular highlight being Sigma's Flying Dutchman skin. So, get dressed in your best horror get-up and head over to Chateau Guillard.

What is the Chateau Guillard Easter egg?

If you shoot the candles wicks in Château Guillard (Halloween) you will light them on fire. from r/Overwatch

Redditor u/YHJ_JYG_Kryptlock gets the nod for this latest spooky secret and has shown the Chateau Guillard Easter egg in all its glory. Heading to the chateau's red study room, look for the candelabra and get ready for some sharp shooting. As shown in the brief video, shooting each of the wicks will cause the whole candelabra to temporarily light up. Okay, so it's not exactly the most extensive Easter egg we've ever seen.

The cavernous halls of Chateau Guillard can be a bit intimidating with so many Halloween goings-on in Overwatch, so why not shed a little light on the situation and hopefully scare those ghouls away? In Overwatch lore, Chateau Guillard is owned by Widowmaker, who has returned to her ancestral home. In the past, we've seen a nod to Widowmaker with a black widow spider hanging in a web in the dining room.


Not everything has been running smoothly in Halloween Terror though. Overwatch players have been asking for a fix on the newly updated Eichenwalde map. Posting on Twitter, Overwatch star Kaiser complained about the placement of a "spooky" fence that prevents Winston booting rivals clean off the map with his primal rage. This isn't the first time the Eichenwalde fence has become a point of contention. Felix "xQc" Lengyel previously fumed about the exact same issue. 


At least Blizzard continues to roll out the Halloween carpet year after year. In the gaming community, other big hitters like Call of DutyApex Legends, and Fortnite have also overhauled their maps with their own "spooktacular" events. Now you know where to find the Chateau Guillard Easter egg, why not hunt it down for yourself?



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Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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