Overwatch 2's LE SSERAFIM collab has broken its item shop

Overwatch 2's LE SSERAFIM collab has broken its item shop
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2nd Nov 2023 12:14

Overwatch 2 fans have had a problem with the game’s cosmetics system since the game launched.

While loot boxes weren’t perfect, players were given the chance to bag some pretty rare skins with in-game progress, and money if they chose - but now, the Overwatch shop changes that, and players have spent the time since the game’s launch absolutely appalled by the prices of the skins. With the Diablo IV crossover, too, players found themselves outraged by Blizzard’s structuring that forced a huge payout if fans wanted the Lillith Moira skin.

But, it seems that their complaints won’t steel their actions, as a new collab has proven more popular than Blizzard could handle.

Fans claim that the Overwatch 2 shop is broken

On the day of the launch of the K-Pop-infused collab with fictional band LE SSERAFIM, fans have proven that their hatred of the Overwatch shop isn’t going to stop them from using it, as they’re reporting that the shop itself is breaking as a result of huge traffic.

Fans are admittedly obsessed with the new skins based on LE SSERAFIM, and they’re taking to Reddit to claim that it’s taking far longer to load than usual.

This collab has broken the shops,” claims one user in the Overwatch subreddit. “I wanted [sic] 15 mins for my currency to come through!

Fans have been quick to point out that players are decrying the shop while still choosing to use it - but there are worse problems, as players are claiming that they’re not getting what they’re paying for.

Players aren’t getting all of the Overwatch coins they’re paying for

One user in the subreddit has felt the changes in the game’s shop first hand, as they’ve claimed in a new post that after paying for 7500 Overwatch coins, they’ve only received 5700. Yikes.

Players are suggesting that it’s worth raising a ticket with Blizzard over - but either way, it’s indicative of a hell of a lot of traffic going straight to the Overwatch shop.

It’s truly unprecedented - but there’s little doubt that this is going to be yet more proof for Blizzard that what they’re doing is working. The dichotomy between sticking it to the man and looking cute once again paralyses us.

Joseph Kime
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