The OG Overwatch Will Soon Be Gone Forever

The OG Overwatch Will Soon Be Gone Forever
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Joseph Kime


27th Sep 2022 09:52

Aside from those who are into it to develop porn parodies of Overwatch (which accounts for a good chunk of players, to be honest), Blizzard's hero shooter has maintained an often toxic, but seriously dedicated community that has kept the game afloat throughout the bumpy experience that has been the reveal-to-release pipeline of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch was a real treat at launch, and even though  the more dedicated competitive gamers eventually moved onto greener pastures, it has maintained a very special community. But, the arrival of Overwatch 2 comes with consequences. Consequences that have proven to be a lot to process.

When Will The Original Overwatch Shut Down?

The OG Overwatch Will Soon Be Gone Forever
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The process of bringing Overwatch 2 to the world has had one massive consequence, and it's the shutting down of the original Overwatch. Our beloved game is set to call it a day on October 2, which only a couple of days before the planned launch of Overwatch 2 on October 4.

Overwatch's closure will mark the end of an era not just for the title, but for Blizzard at large. The second game makes a lot of changes to gameplay, most notably by removing the opportunity for teams to have two tank players, as well as including a controversial battle pass for players to progress with.

There's no denying that Overwatch definitely plays well, and is a fun progression of the gameplay that was established in the first title, but it is still a different experience. Dedicated fans have grown very used to the nuance of the OG Overwatch's gameplay, and now that they have no choice but to move with the times, some players are beginning to lash out.


Fans Are Furious That The First Overwatch Is Shutting Down

Fans are up in arms that the original Overwatch is shutting down in a bid to bolster its sequel, and the fact that players won't have the option to go back to the original game if the upcoming sequel doesn't land. "Lo and behold its servers are going down on October 2 and Blizzard is forcing people to buy this next sh*t tier game that will not prosper," says one Twitter user.

"Thanks for nothing," says another. "@Blizzard_Ents Overwatch will end its servers permanently on October 2. Everything I spent, conquered and acquired will be of no use." It's certainly a shame to see the game go, but to move into a potentially brighter future could yet be a good thing. We'll have to wait and see if it works, but for now, shoutout to the first Overwatch for all the good times. Do not go gentle into that good night.

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