Huge Leak Unveils Brand-New Support Character In Overwatch 2

Huge Leak Unveils Brand-New Support Character In Overwatch 2
Images: Blizzard

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Joseph Kime


9th Sep 2022 14:59

Overwatch 2 is fast approaching, and it's had its fair share of controversy over its long, long announcement period.

Years after the game was announced, we're finally staring down the barrel of the game that we now know is completely free-to-play in the multiplayer department, with a new battle pass system here to replace its controversial loot boxes.

And now, a new leak has revealed a new hero coming to the game, and finally, we have been graced with another support character. It's about time.

Overwatch 2's New Hero Has Been Leaked

A new cinematic video of the newest character to come to Overwatch 2 was leaked last night by YouTuber Kuriboh Cervantes, and promptly taken down afterwards. But, it wasn't pulled quick enough, and we now have screenshots that reveal the new hero.

The cinematic revealed that the new hero is named Kikiro, and seems to be the character that ties to the teasers that Overwatch has been peddling starring a wispy fox.

The new look at the character is interesting, but the footage also revealed that the character will serve as a hero with healing capabilities, making her the first support hero to join the game since Baptiste.

What Are Kikiro's Abilities In Overwatch 2?

The video shows off Kikiro's abilities, which seems to indicate that her primary fire will be a collection of throwing knives. She also has some kind of healing card that can be placed, as well as the ability to teleport.

It's safe to assume, as well, that she will be launching in the game as a part of the battle pass, as it was announced recently that characters will be launching in its free tiers, with new possibilities to unlock them without having to pay for them once the battle pass has ended.


While there still remains plenty to be revealed about this new character, Kikiro seems like she'll be a great addition to the ever-growing roster of Overwatch. Thank goodness she's a support hero, too.

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