Warzone's Goodnight Vibes star camo looks like it’s for kids

Warzone's Goodnight Vibes star camo looks like it’s for kids
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Tom Chapman


6th Sep 2023 12:40

If Call of Duty loves one thing, it's a good reskin. Much like the microtransaction madness of Fortnite, the likes of Warzone make their bank of persuading you to splash your cash on what's effectively a worthless bunch of pixels. 

Whether it be Operator skins or weapon camos, Cal of Duty's shop largely contains cosmetics that do nothing to your actual gameplay - unless you find the infamous Roze or Black Noir skins that let you lurk in the shadows. Still, we love to throw our money at the CoDverse every time a new camo or skin comes out.

Goodnight Vibes camo goes viral

As we head into Modern Warfare 3 and Activiusion does a U-turn on the idea 2022's Modern Warfare 2 would be a two-year release, there's the added bonus that most of your cosmetics will be rolled over to the next chapter. With this in mind, some of you are on a spending and unlock spree to nab whatever you can.

You've been going mad for the new Goodnight Vibes star camo that's been added to Modern Warfare 2, with players clambering over each other to get it unlocked. A surprise feature is that the stars glow in the dark, which if you're of a certain age, you might remember having your bedroom ceiling adorned with stars. 

The Goodnight Vibes camo comes along the Lachmann Shroud and can be unlocked by levelling up the weapon. It's all pretty standard stuff, but it's the camo's glow-in-the-dark appearance that's making it go viral. YouTuber Noisy Butters called it the best camo that CoD has ever added, which is high praise indeed.

Call of Duty's Goodnight Vibes camo has a major drawback

Much like if you run around the Fortnite map as Gold Bender, equipping the Goodnight Vibes camo could make you stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. As the camo glows in the dark, it'll likely make you an easy target on those nighttime maps. 

One fan rightly mused, "Looks cool, but no one will run it cause it gives way your position when you sit with your pitch black operator in a dark corner." Another said, "Can't wait to be a beacon for the tower sniper and sh*t on my team the W." Yeah, it looks nice but it might not be practical. 

A critic on Twitter said, "The guy who made It just opened Photoshop and used the star and moon forms in a black background. This skin is the definition of lazy." Others have called it out as a reskin of Infinite Warfare's Starry Night camo, but for most, they can't wait to grab Goodnight Vibes and reach for the stars. 

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