Warzone Players Want Text Chat Removed Because Of Dead Snitches

Warzone Players Want Text Chat Removed Because Of Dead Snitches
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


6th Dec 2022 16:13

There are some awful ways to get back at your enemies in Warzone 2, but telling the whole lobby the exact location of the person who killed you is a brand-new low. 

Raven Software and Infinity Ward worked hard rolled out new ways to communicate with players in Warzone 2, including a popular proximity chat.

While the voice comms have proved to be quite hilarious at times, the non-vocal interchanges haven't been as popular. Now, fans are calling for the text chat to be removed.

Apparently, some players are using it to tell the lobby exactly where enemies are, despite being dead themselves.

Warzone Players Are Using Text Chat To Target Enemies Beyond The Grave

The text chat function can still be used by players who have died in Warzone 2, showing a message to the whole lobby. 

With this feature making a pop-up for every single player in the game, some salty gamers have been using it to reveal the locations of the person who killed them.

In one viral instance, a user named "Jamal" repeatedly used the function to tell the lobby that the player who killed him was at the "train tracks", "in the sand", "behind the tree", and "outside".

The bereaved snitch even congratulated a player for downing the Reddit User, although they were less than impressed as a self-revive was deployed and a Warzone win came the way of his target - despite the call-outs.

Warzone 2 Players Want Text Chat Removed

Now that the clip has gone viral, fans of Warzone 2 are calling for text chat to be removed. "This is so beyond broken. Hopefully, this gets voted to the top of the page and fixed by the developers somehow," one fan said on Reddit. 

Others have pointed out that it's best just to turn text chat off, which can lead to fewer annoying lobby-wide messages, although it doesn't stop others from chatting about you. 

Maybe a team-based text system is the only way to go for dead players, who will be forced to spectate their teammates, rather than the player who killed them. Either way, at least until something is fixed, don't be Jamal...

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