Warzone Fans Think Activision Has Scammed Them Over 2000CP Bundle

Warzone Fans Think Activision Has Scammed Them Over 2000CP Bundle
Raven Software

Written by 

Jack Marsh


4th Oct 2022 14:43

Despite the game coming to the end of its lifeline, Call of Duty: Warzone continues to churn out bundles for elaborate prices, and people are still interested in buying them.

It's well known that no skins will transfer over to Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2, but until then, people are clicking on the new bundles for a new thrill and flex in the final half-season.

However, some fans think that they spotted a free bundle in the store - which isn't uncommon - only to be shocked that they were charged 2000CP (which equates to around £10-12).

Warzone Fans Scammed By 'Free' Bundle

Browsing the in-game store, eagle-eyed fans spotted a World Series of Warzone bundle - celebrating the esports scene amid the $100k Resurgence event hosted by Activision.

Coming with an Operator skin, two weapon blueprints, and a range of other customisation features, the WSOW appeared to be free, much to the avail of many fans.

The "Claim Bundle" tag is the command for redeeming free bundles, whereas one that costs would see the "Buy Bundle" command. Instead, the bundle cost 2000CP, leaving fans feeling 'scammed'.


Warzone Fans Call For Refunds After 'Scam' Bundle

The Reddit user who brought the issue to light claimed that the bundle took 2000CP from their current stock of points accrued by levelling up the battle pass and investing their money.

"I was saving all the extra cod points from the battle passes so I could eventually get a bundle on the new cod so losing them all like this is annoying," claimed the user.

"Please update if you get a response from Blizzard or Activision They legit scammed us," added another player who was also accredited 2000CP for what appeared to be a freebie.

The players have been advised to get in touch with Raven Software through social media to demand a refund, although the developer might look to investigate the issue further, especially given the number of people who appear hoodwinked.

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