Warzone fans slam 'non-existent' audio after Season 1 update

Warzone fans slam 'non-existent' audio after Season 1 update
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Alex Garton


7th Dec 2023 11:40

The long-awaited integration between Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 is finally here, and that means there's a tonne of new weapons to test out on Urzikstan.

The community is getting stuck into the fresh content, but it hasn't taken fans long to identify a pretty serious issue. This time, it's not OP weapons or glitches, it's actually "non-existent" footstep audio that's making it impossible to track opponents in gunfights.

As you would expect, this is causing a lot of frustration for competitors who feel like they're dying to foes who can sneak up on them with no consequences.

Warzone community claims there is "no audio at all"

Taking to Twitter on December 6, the popular Call of Duty account CharleINTEL decided to ask Raven Software directly, "Where is the footstep and game audio?".

In their experience so far with Season 1, enemies have been able to run up on them with "no audio at all," making it impossible to counter or fight back before it's too late. This isn't an isolated issue, with countless complaints in the comments making it clear a problem like this isn't good enough.

"From what I’ve played I have also noticed this, it’s non-existent for me," said one user, with another arguing, "Don't know when you guys will realize that s**t will never be fixed LOL."

Gunplay may be the most important aspect of CoD, but audio is absolutely essential as well. It's particularly important in Warzone endgames, where positioning and identifying the position of your opponents is key.

CoD fans argue "there’s never been good footstep audio" in Warzone

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While some fans assumed audio issues had only just begun in Season 1, longtime players were quick to remind them that this has been going on for a very long time.

"There’s never been good footstep audio in a BR ever, sounds about right," said one user, with another arguing "Feels like I’ve heard this same complaint somewhere else, maybe in 2019."

Let's hope Raven can find a solution to the audio problem as soon as possible, but based on the history of this issue, it's unlikely to be addressed any time soon.

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