The official Call of Duty twitter page has announced that a 200 player lobby will be coming to Warzone.

17:55, 29 Jun 2020

The game is about to change. Kill Records are about to be smashed.

Two-hundred players are about to drop from a single plane into Verdansk, as the official Call of Duty Twitter page has announced an increase in players per lobby.

The game mode will replace Quads, with Juggernaugh Royale being introduced as a limited-time game mode too, despite the backlash from the Realism Quads mode replacing standard Quads.

In an update that will come through the night, the new mode will be set live, as well as the Cheshire Park Map, and a new sniper; the RYTEC AMR.


The update is set to go live at 7am BST on the 30th June.


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Image via Activision

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