Warzone 2 Ranked is urging players to stop looting

Warzone 2 Ranked is urging players to stop looting
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Jack Marsh


25th May 2023 20:30

Have you been finding that your Warzone 2 Ranked games are ending too quickly? Or that most of your game is spent waiting for the Gulag counter or a redeployment from your teammates?

It's a story that's too familiar to players who are getting to grips with the new competitive game mode, as they're finding that collecting cash is becoming a fast way to book a ticket on Gulag Airways.

But now, Warzone 2 Ranked exports are imploring that you forget looting at the start of games, as early SR points will be the key to your success.

Warzone 2 Ranked experts reveal easy methods to rank up quickly

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Many players have been dropping in hot POIs in Al Mazrah, as the best Warzone 2 landing spots have been revealed, and with that, players are quickly becoming increasingly savvy to how to farm SR in the early engagements.

The official Los Angeles Guerillas TikTok account has now shared some handy tips for not dying early in Warzone 2 Ranked, and it involves ditching the concept of money altogether.

The TikTok account has advised that players simply stop hunting for cash at the start of the game, and instead, quickly find viable weapons to help them take on early gun fights.

Experts reveal the best way to survive in Warzone 2 Ranked


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Labelled as the "recon run," the LAG creators have been grabbing weapons quickly and taking on gunfights to steal other people's money, which has a snowball effect on getting UAVs for more kills and more money for Perks.

The account also advised getting Perks as soon as possible, either with the Ranger kit for Double Time, if you're an aggressor, or the Insurgent package, which contains Ghost.

These tricks will allow you to be much better equipped after the first few minutes of action, which puts you at an advantage for the rest of the game.

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