Warzone 2 Leaker Teases Desert Map

Warzone 2 Leaker Teases Desert Map
Raven Software | Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


14th Feb 2022 13:32

Well, it's confirmed. Warzone 2 is coming, and it's coming this very year.

The news was quite the surprise, despite a number of leaks heralding its arrival - its appearance came with a confession that the original Warzone has gotten somewhat out of hand, focussing too much on mainline integration and too little on keeping cheaters and hackers out of the title. Either way, the upcoming Modern Warfare II is coming with an all-new battle royale title, and we can't wait to see what it comes with.

Luckily for us, leaks are already rife - and one has suggested the location of the upcoming battle royale game.

Warzone 2 Leak Suggests A Desert Map

Call of Duty leaker TheGhostofHope has come forward with a tease that the map for the second Warzone title could be taking place in a desert.

The leaker seems to think that the game will take place in the Atacama Desert, in South America. Another leaker, Hydra9114, has come forward with a teasing tweet simply reading "sand.", implying that this isn't a theory exclusive to one insider.

We won't know for sure where the new Warzone is set until we get a full reveal, but it's a setting that makes sense for a game set to be tied directly into a new Modern Warfare title.

What Do We Know About Warzone 2 So Far

We don't know an awful lot about the new Warzone, except that it is designed "from the ground-up" to coincide with the upcoming Modern Warfare II, and that it'll provide "a massive evolution of Battle Royale with all-new playspace and a new sandbox mode," according to a post on the Call of Duty blog.

It's also coming with an all-new engine, and it'll be developed by Infinity Ward. It's unknown as of yet if Raven Software are attached at all, but until that's confirmed, it's safe to assume that IW will be taking over from here on out.

The prospect of a whole new Warzone experience built from the ground up is an exciting one, and one we can't wait to see in action - as the base game's litany of problems has dragged the whole experience down. A full refresh could put Warzone back on top - and with a new game, the sky's the limit. Bring it on.


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