Warzone 2's Las Almas map set for 2023 release

Warzone 2's Las Almas map set for 2023 release
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Jack Marsh


12th May 2023 17:15

Thanks to some well-thought-out changes to Warzone 2 in recent weeks, specifically with the launch on Ranked, Al Mazrah has become quite the popular choice for Call of Duty battle royale fans.

Although it doesn't pack the same nostalgic punch as Verdansk, the Middle East-based map has boasted a vibrant white pop and some rather intriguing landscape dynamics that suit all types of players.

But, it could be about to move out of the way for a new battleground, as the next large-scale Warzone 2 map is on its way.

Warzone 2's next large-scale map is coming soon

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Having originally been found within the campaign, there is a Las Almas Warzone 2 map under development, and its arrival has now been dated. Following the leaks surrounding Modern Warfare 3 and its last-gen console release, it appears the Las Almas Warzone 2 map will be coming in Season 1 of Call of Duty 2023.

Earmarked for early December, Las Almas will arrive in Warzone 2 just in time for Christmas, where the Mexican city will embed multiplayer maps such as Mercado into the 150-player battlefield. It remains to be seen whether it will be as iconic as Verdansk, but here's hoping it's the revamp we need. 

Las Almas Warzone 2 map could expand the pool

Although fans have already expressed their concern about the Las Almas Warzone 2 map, it might actually come as a welcome experience, given that the developers have revealed in the past that they regret not having a map rotation in the first iteration of the battle royale.

It's now not inconceivable that Las Almas will join Al Mazrah in the Warzone map pool, rather than succeed it, adding a new dynamic to the title.

Las Almas won't be the only Warzone map coming soon either, as recent leaks have suggested that the small-scale Amsterdam-based map Vondel is coming "soon" too, with images having already surfaced online. You wait all this time for a new Warzone map, then two come along at once.

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