Infinity Ward could be locked out of 2023's Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward could be locked out of 2023's Modern Warfare 3
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Jack Marsh


12th May 2023 16:30

The next chapter of Call of Duty appears to be upon us, as Modern Warfare 2 is set to be eclipsed in November - despite the original plan of having this as a two-year title.

Annual releases seem to be a hard revenue stream to forget about for Activision, and although the publishers decided that MW2 should be their first two-year CoD in over a decade, the second-year DLC is now apparently being turned into a fully-fledged Modern Warfare 3.

With Infinity Ward's year as the leading developers coming to a close, Modern Warfare 3 is in the control of Sledgehammer Games, and it now seems like the original MW series creators will be locked out of the multiplayer building altogether.

Sledgehammer Games set to have full development control of Modern Warfare 3

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Following Insider Gaming's report that Modern Warfare 3 is coming - corroborating the comments from Jason Schrier that Sledgehammer Games will be developing the 2023 Call of Duty title -  CharlieIntel claims the Vanguard and Advanced Warfare developers will have sole input on how multiplayer will unfold.

The in-the-know source took to their latest podcast to claim that, aside from the campaign, Infinity Ward is leaving Sledgehammer to build their own multiplayer game.

"Outside of the Capmiagn, truthfully, this is a Sledgehammer Games-led title," said CharlieIntel. "All studios work on all Call of Duty games, but there is a lead title, and this is a Sledgehammer Games title."

Sledgehammer has been applauded for much of their customer feedback around multiplayer throughout Vanguard, where their failed attempt at destructible environments overshadowed their adept adaptations, such as adding Ninja as a perk following community outpour.

Infinity Ward set to have no input on Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer

Despite Modern Warfare being an Infinity Ward IP, it seems their only input will be with the campaign, continuing the storylines of Captain Price, Ghost, Soap, and the rest of Task Force 141.

"I'm pretty sure that Infinity Ward's narrative team is obviously helping with the campaign because the Modern Warfare storyline is theirs," added CharlieIntel.

However, Sledgehammer appears to have full control of how the movement, perks, gunsmith, weapons, and maps, meaning we could have a very different game to Modern Warfare 2 on our hands...

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