Warzone 2 leak reveals first look at new 'Vondel' map

Warzone 2 leak reveals first look at new 'Vondel' map
Courtesy of Activision

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Alex Garton


11th May 2023 09:05

While more weapons being added to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is always exciting, a brand-new map is an addition that never fails to capture the attention of the community. With the last one being Ashika Island, players have had their fingers crossed that the devs have another map in the pipeline.

Well, based on a recent leak of a map called 'Vondel,' it seems very likely that a new environment could be coming in the near future to expand the map pool like never before.

Warzone 2 leak gives fan first look at 'Vondel' map

Back in April, reliable Call of Duty leaker TaskForceLeak revealed that the next Warzone 2 map would be called 'Vondel.' Now, as showcased above, we've been given our first look at the environment.

While the image doesn't offer very much information about the map, we do know it's going to be for the Resurgence mode - just like Ashika Island. It'll be the fifth Warzone map, that will either run alongside Al Mazrah or replace it.

Either way, expect a smaller map with fast-paced action. On top of this, the Vondel map is set in the Netherlands and appears to be based inside an urban landscape. There's a river that stretches through the centre of the map and a windmill which looks like a great vantage point.

When is 'Vondel' map release date in Warzone 2?

While it's impossible to pinpoint an exact Vondel release date for Warzone 2 without an official announcement from the devs, CharlieINTEL has revealed that "Vondel is not the fall Warzone map" and that it's releasing "very soon."

Although we're taking things with a heavy pinch of salt until the Warzone devs give us the official nod, this suggests Vondel could be a part of the upcoming Season 4 update that's expected in early to mid-June. Although we'll have to wait and see, we say the more, the merrier to Warzone maps.

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