Unreleased Las Almas Warzone 2 map is already being hated on

Unreleased Las Almas Warzone 2 map is already being hated on
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


4th Apr 2023 15:59

For Call of Duty, it's time to start looking towards the future. We've seen Fortnite go from sky-high to rock bottom, then slowly climb back up the ladder.

Apex Legends has followed a similar arc, and now, has pledged ten years of support to the title. This includes the one plan that Warzone needs to adhere to...map rotation.

With a history of removing maps such as Verdansk and Caldera in favour of pastures new, Warzone 2's next large-scale map - which is expected to be added alongside Al Mazrah - has now been leaked. But, it's not going down well.

Players hate Warzone 2's Las Almas map

With longevity in mind, it seems that the developers at Infinity Ward are already prepared to release Las Almas as a Warzone 2 map. If true, it's the same area in which the multiplayer Mercado map is based. 

The early design was found in a Campaign mission before Al Mazrah released, but now it's been placed under the microscope, and fans don't like what they see.

"Another desert map? I want some colours," was the call from one angered fan, who didn't fancy more brown and beige Call of Duty action. "Honestly can't stand the colour pallet for maps like this. Sick of the desert look," added another.

'Al Mazrah isn't Warzone's problem' claim fans

Others pointed out that Las Almas also makes up some Ground War maps, and they aren't the best out of the selection. "I'm not a huge fan of either of the Las Almas Ground War maps currently in the game so I'm kind of worried about how the big map would turn out," said one.

But it's not even just the map itself that is frustrating fans. Much of the fan base is already fed up with the gameplay, feeling like a new map isn't the issue. Especially given that Al Mazrah is actually one of the better designs released so far.

It's not yet known whether Las Almas will come in Season 3 or maybe another season down the line, but it's worrying that fans are already hating on it.

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