Warzone 2 Is Locking Players Out If They Don't Own MW2

Warzone 2 Is Locking Players Out If They Don't Own MW2
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Joseph Kime


21st Nov 2022 09:32


FWe knew that there'd be crossover between Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2, but this is a bit much.

The new twist on the Warzone formula is headed up by Infinity Ward and was expected to be a refreshing change for the pretty buggy and stale original game.

For the most part, it certainly is. The battle royale's new features and balancing has proven to be great fun, but much like its paid counterpart, the game is pretty buggy in spots.

Its tethers to Modern Warfare 2 simply don't end there, as Warzone 2 is reportedly kicking you out unless you've bought the £70/$70 mainline Call of Duty too. Whoops.

Do You Need To Own MW2 To Play Warzone 2?

Though it is touted as a free-to-play experience, it looks like a new Warzone 2 bug is making it look as though they're going back on their word.

The bug is insisting that players own the AAA title in order to actually enter games, telling the, to "purchase Modern Warfare 2 to have access to everything."

"When I try to play it, when I click 'Battle Royale Solos' I get the 'purchase Modern Warfare 2 to have access to everything' window," says Reddit user Unf0cused in the CODWarzone subreddit. "I've restarted the game and my PC, but that didn't help."

The comment section and the subreddit at large have been flooded by other players revealing they've suffered the same fate - but it looks like Infinity Ward is on the ball.

Infinity Ward Seems To Fix The MW2 Bug In Warzone

According to many of the comments on the Reddit post, the problem seems to have been resolved. Those who once struggled to get into games now get access to the supposedly free-to-play game.

To be fair, we'd want to nip this bug in the bud, too. Free-to-play has a bad reputation for pestering players to shell out for extra content. Still, we don't know what caused the bug and whether it could return.

If this was maintained to such a degree that players thought it was a direct and legitimate request from Infinity Ward, it'd lead them to a pretty rough reputation. And lord knows that CoD doesn't need more bad press.

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