Warzone 2 Gulag Glitch Is Killing Players

Warzone 2 Gulag Glitch Is Killing Players
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Joseph Kime


18th Nov 2022 11:04

We could have seen this coming, but to be honest, that doesn't make it any less disappointing. Warzone 2.0 obviously has bugs, and already, fans are being plagued by a gulag glitch.

Even though it's an impossibility to launch a live service game without gremlins in the system, it's certainly a problem for Infinity Ward after taking the Warzone reins from Raven Software. Remember, Raven notoriously couldn't manage to keep glitches and hackers out of the game at the same time.

There are growing pains here, and perhaps Infinity Ward can ensure that the game doesn't implode in such a spectacular manner as Warzone - but that's pretty hard to envision when players are straight-up dying with no chance of getting revived.

Warzone 2 Is Immediately Killing Players

Warzone 2 Gulag Glitch Is Killing Players
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For this frustrating Warzone 2 gulag glitch, it looks as though players are skipping the potential to be revived by teammates entirely. Instead, they're simply dying immediately when shot at by enemy enemies, then being sent to the gulag.

It seems there are enough problems with this gulag glitch that Infinity Ward has gotten to work on a fix pretty sharpish. The "Skipping Down Phase" has been added to their Trello board for known issues, as devs try to find a fix for the problem.

According to the Trello board, it's described as an issue where "some players are eliminated in situations where they should have been downed." We don't know when to expect a fix, but it seems like Infinity Ward is on the ball with the problem - so fingers crossed, we'll see it soon.

What's New In The Warzone 2.0 Gulag?

Fans are trying to make sense of the new Warzone 2 gulag layout, which in a big change from the first game, pits two players against two others.

It might be a pretty controversial change - especially as the gulag is now fashioned as though it's a full main-game objective - but it seems to be working nicely for the time being. Once players are used to the change, it'll probably become a new staple for the game.

The old gulag may be gone now, but that doesn't mean that players want to skip straight to the new one without getting revived. Seems a bit counter-intuitive, really.

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