Warzone 2 Fans Demand Day And Night Cycle

Warzone 2 Fans Demand Day And Night Cycle
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Joseph Kime


27th Jan 2023 10:04

Call of Duty: Warzone fans aren't exactly known for their patience. It's thought that the bigger a game gets, the smaller its problems become, and instead, the intensity of its player base increases.

Even though it has its fair share of problems, Warzone 2.0 love to throw out a demand. The expectation for the game to be perfect is pretty intense, with some of the pros showing that even the slightest of development hiccups can cost players a round and spark incredible outrage.

But, thankfully, some of these calls for added content aren't so… intense. You can tell it isn't intense because Call of Duty players are turning to the games they hate most for inspiration of what's to come.

Warzone 2.0 Fans Want Fortnite's Day And Night Cycle

Players have started to talk about the things they'd love to see in Al Mazrah after it made such a good impression at the launch of Warzone 2.0. Now, they're demanding that the game gets its own day and night cycle.

One player in the CODWarzone subreddit has shared an image of the now-iconic map at night, spurring a conversation around the potential to see the map from all sorts of differing perspectives.

After one fan left a comment regarding the concept of a Warzone 2 day and night cycle, fans can't imagine the game without it.

Fans Discuss The Potential Of A Warzone Day And Night Cycle

"What they should do is something similar to Battlefield 1," replies one commentator. "Every map had procedurally generated weather, you load up in a game and it could be fog so thick you can hardly see through it or rain or sunshine or whatever.

"They did it with all their maps, [Infinity Ward] just needed to do it with one map. You load up a game and it's nighttime, load up the next game and it's raining, like it shouldn't be hard to add something interesting."

"I loved night Verdansk," adds another. "Going back to day time felt like everything was too bright when I got adjusted to night time." Someone else joked, "Oh you enjoyed that mode? Well sorry we've deleted it permanently."

A day and night cycle would help keep Warzone 2.0 fresh, and make sure that Al Mazrah gets to see all sorts of aesthetics for players to experience. Though we're not sure we'd have the patience for the map during a hailstorm. Infinity Ward, whatever happens, please promise us this - no buffering.

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