Warzone 2 Devs Confirm One Ultimate Perk Is Broken

Warzone 2 Devs Confirm One Ultimate Perk Is Broken

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Jack Marsh


23rd Jan 2023 12:56

One of the most bizarre elements of Warzone 2's complete gunsmith overhaul is the perks category. Gone are the days of being able to select whichever perks you fancy.

Instead, you have to pick a medley of pre-determined perks, and it's likely that you'll base the whole class around the Ultimate perk selection in each option. 

But if you've been picking Birdseye, then you're on to a winner, as it's recently been described as a cheat code.

Now, the Birdseye perk is under investigation. While it hasn't been removed from the game or been temporarily disabled, it's set for a major nerfing in Warzone 2 Season 2.

What's Wrong With Warzone 2's Birdseye Perk?

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The Birdseye perk is giving players the ability to have Advanced UAVs by giving away player movement directions simply by calling in a standard UAV.

Although the killstreak that activates this perk is limited, that hasn't stopped content creators and "sweats" from abusing this and racking up incredibly high-kill games. Now, Infinity Ward has admitted it needs fixing.

In its Trello Board, the developers have stated, "We're aware of an issue where the Birdseye Perk does not function as intended within Battle Royale," and included it in the Battle Royale Known Issues category. 

Is Infinity Ward Nerfing Birdseye? 

The perk's description reads, "UAV and Radar pings reveal the enemy's direction," which has been a useful addition to multiplayer in the wake of the removal of red dots on minimaps. However, for Warzone 2, it's becoming incredibly overpowered.

It's not yet sure how Infinity Ward intends to fix the perk, considering the problem is not how Birdseye is being applied, but more so that its intended value is broken.

Birdseye isn't the only perk in the workshop either, as the developers have also put High Alert and Restock under investigation because they're failing to do what they're intended to do.

That's not all, with both Dead Silence and Battle Rage having been temporarily removed from Warzone 2 too. Hopefully, Season 2's delay will return all of these to their intended state.

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