Upcoming Xbox Showcase Has Players Worried About Starfield

Upcoming Xbox Showcase Has Players Worried About Starfield
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Tom Chapman


11th Jan 2023 14:54

Okay, who's had it worst, Hogwarts Legacy or Starfield? Both of these AAA juggernauts are (supposedly) coming in 2023, but with more delays than we care to count, can you really be sure these days?

With accusations that Microsoft is trailing behind Sony in terms of console exclusives, Bethesda is clapping back hard this year with both Starfield and Redfall poised to be big hitters. Sadly, we're worried about the former.

Why Are Xbox Fans Worried About Starfield?

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Microsoft has just confirmed there's an all-star Microsoft showcase coming on January 25. This will follow in the footsteps of Sony's State of Plays - outlining an impressive year for Xbox owners.

Following rumours, we now know the showcase is coming before the end of January and will highlight upcoming releases. It'll include The Elder Scrolls Online, Redfall, Minecraft Legends, and Forza Motorsport. However, there's a worrying mention of Starfield.

It's described as "a more intimate look at some upcoming exclusives" instead of something massive like E3, and apparently, could set the trend for regular updates from the gaming giant.

Still, we're left asking why what's arguably Xbox's biggest game of 2023 is nowhere to be seen. It seems odd that Redfall would get the nod while Bethesda Softwork's other major release is seemingly cast into the dark vacuum of space.

Is Starfield Getting Its Own Showcase?

We're promised that Starfield is so vast, it'll be getting a whole showcase to itself at a later date. Despite being a multi-platform release, we've seen Sony hold several PlayStation-only showcases for Hogwarts Legacy.

Over on Reddit, one hopeful gamer already theorised this would be the case, but even then, fears that Starfield will be struck by another delay. Remember, Starfield was originally supposed to debut in 2022, which would've put it right up against the likes of Elden Ring and God of War.

Seeing what happened with CDPR's Cyberpunk 2077 and then Bethesda's disappointment with Fallout 76, most accepted that a delay was for the best. If this keeps happening though, how long can the developer keep us happy?

Those at the top have already promised Starfield will be more than just Skyrim in space, but it supposedly keeping us busy for years, there's more than ever resting on Bethesda's next release.

Maybe we're just all being harbingers of doom, and while the first Xbox showcase won't give us much info on Starfield, we could finally get that elusive release date.

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