Ultra-rare Plague Doctor skin returns to Fortnite

Ultra-rare Plague Doctor skin returns to Fortnite
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12th Jan 2023 11:51

It might sound wild that there's a market for rare Fortnite skins, but trust us, there is. There's probably someone out there who's willing to buy your account just because it has Renegade Raider in there.

When it comes to the rarest Fortnite skins, the likes of Aerial Assault Trooper and Special Forces are two of the rarest - the latter only appeared in Season 1. Now, a forgotten favourite has made its long-awaited return.

Why is the Plague Doctor skin back in Fortnite?

It's been a long time coming, but for the first time since 2019, the Plague Doctor skin is back in the Fortnite shop. Fortnite favourite Shiina BR pointed out that the Grim Medicine set has finally returned to the shop.

For those questioning how long it's been, it was 1,410 days since we last saw the Plague Doctor skin, meaning it's been three years and 10 months... but why?

In case you're an alien from another planet, you might remember a little thing called COVID-19 that rocked the world. While it looks like we're out the other side (hoping there are no more variants), it wouldn't have been a good look for Epic games to sell a plague doctor skin in the midst of a pandemic.

Either way, players were over the moon that the Grim Medicine set has returned - even if we don't know how long for. Thankfully, the fact the Plague Doctor skin is in the Featured section and not Daily means it'll probably be around for a few days.

Cheering for the skins, one supporter wrote, "When I tell you I've been waiting for this since I started playing back in C2S6." Another said, "LETS GOOOO I finally got PLAGUE!!! I wanted him for 2 years."

Not everyone was impressed though. One critic grumbled, "This game is getting worst by the day, they can't get players to play so they bring back og skins just to get players to come back that's sad get better. " Someone else lamented that we're still waiting for Kratos' return.

What are the rarest skins in Fortnite?

Aside from the aforementioned Aerial Assault Trooper and Special Forces, the John Wick-esque Reaper, PlayStation 4 Royal Bomber, and Honor Guard are some of the rarest Fortnite skins.

Randomly, the Marvel-themed Black Widow has been mysteriously absent since March 2019. We also all know that Chapter 1 Season 1's Renegade Raider is about as rare as they come, meaning wearing any of the above is the ultimate flex.

As Fortnite adds more outfits to the shop by the day, it gets increasingly hard for your old favourites to return. We say that if you see a skin that you like, grab it while you can.

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