Todd Howard Is Glad Starfield Is An Xbox Exclusive

Todd Howard Is Glad Starfield Is An Xbox Exclusive
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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2022 14:13

There's still a lot of drama around Bethesda's new home at Xbox - even as the war for Activision Blizzard wages on.

As Ghostwire: Tokyo appears to be the very last Bethesda game not to be exclusive to Microsoft's gaming giant, PlayStation fans feel left out in the cold.

This is especially with the likes of Starfield coming exclusively to Xbox, even as Bethesda boast about it being their biggest game yet.

But of course, Xbox players are stoked that their games have an increased chance of making it to Game Pass for Bethesda's bustling community. Now, it seems like Todd Howard is among them.

Why Does Todd Howard Love Xbox?

It looks like Todd Howard is glad to be developing games for just one platform, as he has expressed in a recent interview about Bethesda's relationship with Xbox over the years.

Speaking on the Lex Friedman podcast, Todd has talked all things Starfield, and revealed his adoration and respect for Xbox as a company.

"I mean this honestly - it's been awesome. The culture inside of Microsoft and Xbox that people see from the outside is the culture inside," says Howard.

"The way they talk about players, the way they invest in players, the risks they'll take, the thoughtfulness of Phil Spencer… [...] [we] feel really, really lucky."

Todd Howards Offers Great Praise To PlayStation

Many players have felt seriously snubbed by Bethesda's new official home, implying that the company must hate PlayStation. Still, Howard makes it clear that this isn't the case.

"For us, that exclusivity isn't unique. We've done PlayStation stuff - and I think the PlayStation 5 is just an insane machine, they've done a great job and we've had great success on PlayStation - we were traditionally a PC developer in the beginning."

It looks like the dedication to Xbox didn't come from a disdain for PlayStation, but rather a return to form for the company. Bethesda is back with the company that favours PC the most - and it suits them nicely.

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