THQ offers to pay for Alan Wake 2’s distribution after digital-only controversy

THQ offers to pay for Alan Wake 2’s distribution after digital-only controversy
Images: Remedy Games

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Joseph Kime


26th May 2023 15:59

Alan Wake II looks absolutely sublime.

The very same murky, muggy atmosphere of the first title is back in droves in the recent trailer revealed in Wednesday's PlayStation Showcase, only this time with a new playable character and a survival-horror tinge that promises to uproot our expectations. Although they've already managed to do that with their game rollout.

The game is going digital-only in an effort to keep game prices a little lower away from current industry standards, which is certainly helpful to consumers, but fans are concerned that it could be a problem for the preservation of the title in the future.

And it looks like those worries have extended to the distributor of the first game.

THQ wants to distribute Alan Wake II

Though Alan Wake II isn't going to be hitting store shelves, it looks like many are upset not to enter the physical realm - and that includes those who did that very same thing for the first game.

Responding to the news of the game's digital-only status on Twitter, THQ Nordic tagged both Alan Wake and Remedy Games' accounts in a reply that pitches the idea of bringing the game to the physical world.

"I mean… we did the disc version of Alan Wake for PC back in the day ICYMI," they say. "And just because ONE person (or company) does not love physical, there is plenty who still do. Give it some thought. We'd love to go at it again! Full circle and all."

It's an interesting plan, but it'll take breaching Alan Wake II's fairly staunch stance on the matter first.

Alan Wake II has ‘no plans' to go physical

THQ offers to pay for Alan Wake 2’s distribution after digital-only controversy
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As it's the only way to truly "own" a game in the modern gaming landscape as some titles are pulled from digital storefronts never to be seen again, fans are desperate to get a physical copy of Alan Wake II - but a new FAQ segment on the game's site reveals that Remedy has "no plans" of launching a physical release of the title.

Who knows, maybe the likes of THQ can talk them around, but in the meantime, we'll have to settle for digital. It's like reading a book on a Kindle - but we have a hunch that Alan himself wouldn't approve.

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