The Ultimate Elder Scrolls Mod Lets You Order Pizza In Real Life

The Ultimate Elder Scrolls Mod Lets You Order Pizza In Real Life
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Jack Marsh


13th Oct 2022 15:54

Mmm, does anyone fancy killing Imperials while munching on a Pepperoni Passion pizza? What about brewing potions and chomping on a Veggie Supreme? Sounds like a belting Saturday night to us, and now, a recent Elder Scrolls mod means you don't even need to put your controller down to order. Just play and have a Domino's sent straight to your Dwemer cave.

The Elder Scrolls series has quite a weird relationship with food. Seldom do players bother with the survival mode which relies on a hunger bar to be replenished. In fact, the only eating players do nowadays is on corpses via the mouth of Skyrim's werewolves or sucking the blood of Serena to warp into a vampire - if that even counts as eating, not drinking.

Even the chefs have quite a bad reputation thanks to the devilish framing of Gourmet (Balagog gro-Nolob) during the assassination attempt on the Emperor. But now, a new mod has surfaced that lets Domino's deliver you a piping hot pizza straight from within the game to your IRL abode. Let's just hope the message doesn't go through the Drak Brotherhood though.

How Do You Order Pizza With The Elder Scrolls?

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Sixteen years after its release, and players are still enjoying the cheese and tomato base of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its mods. Now, one player has kneaded together one of the best mods yet: Nickies Pizzablivion.

The mod allows players to locate an NPC within the game - named "Pizza Black" - who can be interacted with to "order pizza". By selecting this option, the mod will issue a pre-determined menu selection straight to your door. On the current selection of pizzeria goodies is a 12-inch thin-crust margarita pizza, eight-piece garlic bread twists, and a 20-oz bottle of Fuze Lemon Tea, coming in at around $28.


Domino's Gives You A 'Slice' Of The Action

According to the mod's developer, "Nickies", you can modify the selection from having extensive knowledge of the Domino's menu and its URL code, which requires you to attach a bank card and address to the .py file. Unfortunately, this mod only works in the United States right now.

Fans seem to think that with a little bit of tinkering, Domino's around the globe will have a fair few orders coming in from Pizza Black. The developer did add that the mod isn't always successful, so you might want to ring your local Domino's branch to see if the order was successful. So that settles it. Saturday nights are now Oblivion and Domino's night.

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