Skyrim Dev Is Glad They're Not Working On The Elder Scrolls 6

Skyrim Dev Is Glad They're Not Working On The Elder Scrolls 6
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4th Aug 2022 12:36

The Elder Scrolls 6 is set to be big. Like, big big. Expectations are unfathomably high for Bethesda with their long-awaited sequel, what with The Elder Scrolls being gaming's biggest fantasy franchise, and Skyrim being regarded as one of the very best games ever made.

It might have its hands pretty full with the upcoming Starfield - a game that it's calling the most ambitious project it has ever worked on. If the sequel to Skyrim is going to be even bigger than that, then we could be looking at an event in the gaming world that completely changes the industry. So the pressure is definitely on.

And as it turns out, some of the team who worked on the upcoming title's predecessor are glad not to have to shoulder the weight of the hype.

Why Do Skyrim Devs Not Want To Make The Elder Scrolls 6?

Skyrim Dev Is Glad They're Not Working On The Elder Scrolls 6
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Skyrim's Lead Designer Bruce Nesmith has spoken on the development of The Elder Scrolls 6, and has said outright that he's glad not to be a part of the game's creation.

In an interview with Time Extention, he and World Artist Nate Purkeypile have commented on the creation of the ever-hyped game, saying that he felt "immense pressure" to create a great sequel to Oblivion - so god knows what it must feel like to develop Skyrim's sequel.

According to Purkeypile, the success of Skyrim "is an aspect of why I went independent. Some people would say 'I really want to work on The Elder Scrolls 6,' but for me, that's a high f**king bar. I'd rather do my own thing."

What's The Latest With The Elder Scrolls 6?

Elder Scrolls 6
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As of right now, there aren't any concrete reveals about where The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development, but the last that we had heard of it was back in January, when it was revealed that the game was in pre-production.


There's every chance that it's still there, and though we don't know an awful lot about the development of the game itself, it seems as though we can still get excited for a potential 2026 release date as hinted at by Todd Howard.

We're excited to see what the game turns out to be, but the Skyrim team are right - there's a lot of pressure on the developers to get this sequel right. Here's hoping they do.

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