Former dev says Elder Scrolls 6 is coming but we might not hear about it for a while

Former dev says Elder Scrolls 6 is coming but we might not hear about it for a while
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Megan Cooke


3rd Nov 2023 20:52

It has been five years since Elder Scrolls 6 was announced at E3 in 2018, and we know no more about it today than we did back then.

While we haven’t learnt any new information, a former Bethesda developer has acknowledged the game and given us some reassurance that it is on its way.

We might have a while to wait before new information about Elder Scrolls 6 is announced

In an interview with MinnMax, Skyrim’s lead designer Bruce Nesmith shed some light on why we haven’t heard much about the next Elder Scrolls game since it was announced back in 2018.

In fact, Nesmith seems to think that we might not hear anything about the game until six months before it is due to be released.

He said: “The company took years of hits for not talking about The Elder Scrolls VI. Years of hits. Because Todd's opinion, one which I share, by the way, is that the video game industry has short memories.

“Those companies that start touting their games years ahead of time actually screw themselves. The best time to start talking about it is six months before release.”

Given that the game was announced five years ago now, it has clearly been far longer than six months since it was announced.

With a large community on social media eagerly waiting for the game’s release, it doesn’t seem like the short memory of the industry has prevented people from looking forward to Elder Scrolls 6 either.

This doesn’t seem to have thrown Nesmith off all that much, however, and he shared how he thinks Bethesda will handle revealing further details about the next franchise instalment.

He said: “Only the fact that the pitchforks and torches were out is what got Todd to say, 'Yes, we're gonna do The Elder Scrolls VI. I promise you! It's for real! It'll happen!' But I'm betting you won't hear much in the way of details until six months before, which is the way it should be.

“I think that's the best approach. He's proven that works really well for Bethesda.”

People are prepared to be waiting a while for Elder Scrolls 6

Even though it is safe to say that no-one is happy about the wait, fans of the Elder Scrolls games are expecting to have a while to wait before the next game is released.

The game reportedly only went into development a few months ago, after a long pre-production phase, and is probably going to take at least a few years before it is ready to be released.

This isn't the most exciting thought for most fans, however most of them seem to be taking the news in their stride.

One Twitter user said: "Just saw a TikTok where some guy was saying Elder Scrolls VI development has officially begun. He then assumed a 2030 release date. 2030. Why not just wait for 2031? It'll be 20 years then."

It seems like we may have a little while to wait before any information comes out about Elder Scrolls 6, but hopefully when we learn more about it there won't be long before the game comes out at last.

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