Bethesda secretly launches new Elder Scrolls game

Bethesda secretly launches new Elder Scrolls game
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Joseph Kime


29th Sep 2023 13:20

We know what you'll think when we say "a new Elder Scrolls game has launched." Is there a new mod for an old game? Have I missed something? Is it still just coming to Xbox?

These are all fair questions, but even though there's plenty of misguidance out there, we mean it when we say a new Elder Scrolls game launched overnight. You'd think that Bethesda would be more willing to gas the franchise up, but its clearly not messing about. The Elder Scrolls: Castles is yours...right now.

Elder Scrolls Castles launched overnight

In a pretty massive shock, an official Elder Scrolls title debuted while we all slept, and it's playable right now. We're sure you'll agree it looks familiar.

The Elder Scrolls: Castles has launched on Android, and it's a simulation title that lets you build and staff your own castle filled with kings making difficult decisions and sending their subjects on dangerous quests.

While this has come as a shock to many, some players had seen something like this coming - three projects were revealed in the FTC v. Microsoft trial, the third of which was codenamed Project Whirlwind. Some think this is the same game, what with Whirlwind serving as a skill and spell category in the Elder Scrolls.

The new Elder Scrolls game is basically Fallout Shelter

Two levels from Fallout Shelter.
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We're sure you'll agree that the format of the game looks very familiar, harkening back to the design of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda's last (and pretty successful) mobile title. The art style may be different, but in terms of gameplay and structure, it's practically the same.

It might be familiar, but hey, we'll definitely take it over nothing. With the Elder Scrolls 6 likely still years away - and no one sure if the Oblivion remake is real - The Elder Scrolls: Castles gives us something to do. Looks like it's time to waste our money on loot boxes all over again.

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