The #NoApexAugust Campaign Is Actually Helping Apex Legends

The #NoApexAugust Campaign Is Actually Helping Apex Legends
Images: Respawn Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


15th Aug 2022 12:19

Apex Legends has been crushing it as of late. The new season has brought a vast buff in player numbers, just as every season before it has. Fans are excited to take the shooter's new features for a spin, but others are a little less enthused, and want more extensive changes to be made to the Respawn title.

The #NoApexAugust movement has picked up in steam on Twitter, asking Apex Legends fans to refrain from playing the game for the entire month. It's supposed to mean changes that players want to be implemented into the game are taken seriously. And, er… it's not working.

What Is #NoApexAugust

The #NoApexAugust movement hasn't exactly kicked off in dramatic fashion, as it chose a pretty bad month to start. August brought Apex Legends Season 14, and as player numbers have risen due to its surrounding hype, it has proven that the efforts of campaigners are futile.

As reported by the Twitter account of Apex Status - the site that keeps track of all of the statistics for the game - the players of the week prior to the movement kicking off amounted to 336,273 players, whereas the week it started had 343,481. Yikes.

In the three years since Apex launched, we've seen it rise to the top alongside Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite. So, it looks like the game is much better off when its players are actively protesting it. Maybe it's worth protesting it into September, and it'll be great to watch the player numbers skyrocket. Somehow though, #NoShooterSeptember doesn't quite have the same ring to it. 


Apex Legends Season 14 Is Breaking Records

Not only is the player increase embarrassing for the movement, but it's also only gotten more intense, as the game reached a new player peak. Apex Legends Season 14 saw concurrent players increase to over 500,000 on Steam alone, meaning that not only is Apex Legends not as dead as fans would have us believe, it's actually better than ever.

There are complaints across the board, with a lack of hit registration and broken Legend abilities being continued complaints. Even if #NoApexAugust had pulled thousands of players from the title, it was always unlikely to move the seemingly immovable mountain of Respawn. Sorry to those of you in camp #NoApexAugust, but it simply isn't working. Apex Legends is going from strength to strength, and if the recent uptick is a sign of things to come, it's only going to get bigger and better.

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