The Last of Us gets disappointing Outbreak Day 2023 update

The Last of Us gets disappointing Outbreak Day 2023 update
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26th Sep 2023 12:01

We're crying harder than the finale of HBO's The Last of Us, as Naughty Dog has given us a disappointing update about the franchise ahead of this year's Outbreak Day. The fungus frightener is far from dead, but still, it doesn't sound like the team has much to reveal in 2023.

Much like Alien fans celebrating April 26 or Mass Effect fans with November 7, September 26 is known as Outbreak Day in the world of The Last of Us. Although it changes year depending on the games or the live-action series, September 26 is the day the Cordyceps infection reached critical mass as the world went to sh*t.

Don't expect much from Outbreak Day 2023 

Despite The Last of Us being a relative newcomer in the gaming world thanks to the first game being released in 2013, it's been quite the decade. If we were going to get any news on upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer, Season 2 of the series, or the mythical Part 3, Outbreak Day would be the time. 

Naughty Dog confirmed the Outbreak Day stream will take place at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/4 PM GMT, "featuring announcements focused on art, merch, and more." Before you get your hopes up about that "more," the developer added that it "will not be discussing any future game or TV show projects."

Basically, it sounds like Outbreak Day 2023 is there to flog "I <3 Tess" tees and sell giant Bloater statues. It's frustrating because showrunner Craig Mazin recently told the LA Times that the actor playing Abby Anderson in Season 2 has already been cast. Outbreak Day 2023 seems like the perfect opportunity to have made that announcement. 

What's going on with The Last of Us Season 2?

Ellie and Joel The Last of Us Season 1 finale
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Following the runaway success of The Last of Us Season 1, it was no surprise that HBO commissioned a second run of episodes. Despite early fears that The Last of Us would polish off the entire story in just two seasons, we know Part II will be spread over multiple seasons.

Mazin has previously explained how The Last of Us is poised to bow out after four seasons, meaning Part II would span an epic three-season arc. Although The Last of Us Season 2 had originally been targeting a 2025 release, we've been warned that the SAG-AFTRA/WAG strikes would likely push that back.

Both sides have reached a tentative agreement, suggesting the Hollywood wheels could soon start turning again. Still, there are likely to be knock-on effects, suggesting we could have a bit of a wait until Season 2 returns to our screens. Outbreak Day 2023 is a must-watch for The Last of Us fans, just don't get your hopes up. 

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