The Last Of Us Fans Think They've Found A Hint At Naughty Dog's Next Game

The Last Of Us Fans Think They've Found A Hint At Naughty Dog's Next Game
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Joseph Kime


6th Sep 2022 08:38

The Last of Us Part I hasn't been out for that long, but let's be honest - we all knew how its critical reception was going to turn. It's one of the best games ever.

As the original game stands as one of the best narratives to grace the interactive medium, it didn't let its admittedly wonky combat impede the love it got from fans across the globe. And as the combat has been refined with a new PS5 lick of paint to boot, it's up there as one of the very best experiences that PlayStation has ever offered.

But, it's not all retreads of the past - as fans think they've identified what the next Naughty Dog game is with in-game hints.

Fans Think TLOU Part I Hints At Naughty Dog's Next Game

Fans who have been poking around in the new refreshed edition of The Last of Us think that they've found hints at the new game that is yet to come from iconic developers Naughty Dog.

As is often the case with remakes and remasters, some of the environments of the original game have been developed for The Last of Us Part I to give it a new refreshed look. And, as a part of these new additions, new posters are plastered on the walls that fans reckon could be a hint at the next title from Naughty Dog.

New posters with a vague fantasy theme have appeared in the game, leading fans to speculate on Twitter that they could be pointing towards a brand-new IP. Of course, it could just be some filler for the walls - but Naughty Dog have done this before.

Naughty Dog Teased The Last Of Us In Uncharted 3

It's easy to decry this suggestion from fans, but it's worth remembering that Naughty Dog has used their games to tease upcoming projects in the past.

Uncharted 3 started in spectacular fashion, of course, but it actually contained a tease towards The Last of Us too, the game that was the following property to come from the developers at the time.

The tease came in the form of a newspaper article that teased a strange outbreak, which we now know to be the basis for the post-apocalyptic adventure.


The Last of Us certainly won't be the end of Naughty Dog's IPs, and who knows - maybe fans are onto something with these teases. We'll just have to wait and see.

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