The Last of Us co-creator debunks major Season 2 theory

The Last of Us co-creator debunks major Season 2 theory
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Tom Chapman


16th Mar 2023 10:43

We're you watching closely in The Last of Us Season finale? Just nine episodes after that heartbreaking opening, Season 1 wrapped with a blood-soaked finale that's destined to catapult us into Season 2... and beyond.

Showrunner Craig Mazin and Game Director Neil Druckmann have the seemingly impossible task of adapting 2020's The Last of Us Part II for live-action - although we know the bigger story will take us at least into Season 3 (if not a mythical fourth season).

Given the divisive reception of Part II, it'll be interesting to see how the stories of newcomers like the transgender Lev will be woven into Ellie and Joel's lives. One thing we're sure of, though, Abby Anderson is coming. The question is, have we already met her?

Neil Druckmann debunks The Last of Us Season 2 theory

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, some thought they spotted Abby in the season finale. When Joel (Pedro Pascal) was shooting up the Salt Lake City hospital, a mysterious figure was seen escaping his rampage and dashing off-screen. Fans were quick to speculate it's Abby, but don't be so sure.

Clearing up some of the confusion, Druckmann told Kinda Funny (via GamesRadar) "Okay, I'll kill that rumor, that is not Abby." When the final credits rolled, the idea that we got our first look at Abby went viral online. We've got to admit, the mystery figure could've passed for her. 

Even if we didn't see Abby in the finale, the pieces are definitely there for her arrival. The antagonist of Part II is spurred into action by Joel murdering her father, and looking at Episode 9, there was a lingering shot of a male surgeon he killed.

Has The Last of Us cast Abby Anderson?

While Druckmann is parking Abby for now, internet sleuths think we've already cast her. Druckmann recently followed The Wilds' Shannon Berry on Instagram, leading to wild speculation she'll be the big bad of Season 2. Most can agree, she's definitely got the look of Abby nailed.

Elsewhere, there's been a vocal campaign for Black Widow's Florence Pugh to join the world of mushroom monsters. As much as we'd love to see her, Berry looks like the frontrunner right now.

Pascal gave a bit of a nothing update on Season 2, which doesn't exactly have us hopeful that cameras will roll in 2023. Still, as things shuffle forward with HBO's hit series, expect to find out more about who will be playing Abby and when she'll be picking up a set of golf clubs, soon.

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