We're shuffling toward MegaPixel's The House of the Dead Remake, as the first trailer brings the 1996 game to life on the Nintendo Switch.

10:33, 15 Apr 2021

Proving that it's not just Capcom's Resident Evil that can take a bite out of the saturated zombie video game genre, Forever Entertainment is releasing a The House of the Dead Remake. These days, zombie shooters include everything from The Last of Us to World War ZDays Gone to Left 4 DeadDying Light to State of Decay (need we go on?). Although there were the likes of 1989's Sweet Home, 1996 was a massive year for zombie games when both the OG Resident Evil and The House of the Dead were released. 

Sadly, while Capcom soon cornered the console market with Resident Evil and quickly churned out sequels, SEGA's The House of the Dead was a light gun shooter arcade game - which limited its potential somewhat. Still, the franchise continued to grow and was followed by The House of the Dead 2 in 1998 and numerous other sequels that eventually took the series out of arcades and into our homes. The last release was House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn in 2018, and while the future of the mains series remains unclear, we're going back to the start with The House of the Dead Remake on Nintendo Switch.


What is the House of the Dead remake?

Although both the first and second House of the Dead games are being remade for the Nintendo Switch, this first reveal only focussed on MegaPixel's revamp of the first. The developer is working with publisher Forever Entertainment to bring the 1996 shooter to a new generation. In the trailer, we see the classic SEGA "Hold your fire" message as we journey to the crumbling Curien Mansion. Taking plenty of parallels from the first Resident Evil game, a crack team heads to the mansion, has to deal with a sinister organisation, and blasts a whole host of genetically mutated monsters in the process.

We're promised new characters and storylines, but once again expected to be at the core of the story are AMS Agent Thomas Rogan and the mysterious "G". The pair spend the game trying to save Rogan's fiancee while battling the megalomaniac Dr. Curien and his crazy creations. The reveal trailer is only short, but as well as showing off some souped-up graphics, we get to see a next-gen Curien and fan-favourite monsters like the barrel-throwing Bentley. We can't wait to see what other enemies make it into the mix. 



Will The House of the Dead Remake lead to more games?

Hopefully, The House of the Dead Remake will reignite the franchise's fanbase while also finding a new legion of fans. In late 2019, Producer Takashi Oda told players he wants to make three more House of the Dead games. The problem is, while Resident Evil has largely gone from strength to strength and is heading toward the much-hyped Resident Evil VillageThe House of the Dead has struggled to shake its arcade roots. That might not be a bad thing, but as The House of the Dead Remake comes to the Switch, there's a danger that people haven't even heard of the franchise.

Players are told to expect "a whole new entourage and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards" when The House of the Dead Remake claws its way onto the Switch later this year. Over the years, we've seen The House of the Dead ported onto consoles. Alongside, some of the games hitting the likes of PlayStation 3, there was The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return on the Wii in 2008. We've also seen spin-offs with 2009's The House of the Dead: Overkill, which was a campy break from tradition that was a success on the Wii. Considering the Wii handled the series so well, we're excited to see what the remake(s) can do. Either way, this is one rotten corpse that keeps on shuffling. 



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